Wi-Fi does not stand up to the popularity of Mobile phones

Wi-Fi does not stand up to the popularity of Mobile phonesIf in-home Wi-Fi network can work without problems, in crowded places, wireless communication is often not able to withstand the increased load. This is especially noticeable was held this year technological conferences, the organizers were not able to provide sufficient bandwidth networks, writes The New York Times. Many of them were not hired experts, and relied on the existing infrastructure in hotels or conference centers. It was a mistake. The fact that Wi-Fi network was not originally designed for large meeting rooms and thousands of listeners, many of whom bring with them an Arsenal of laptops, smartphones and tablet computers. But even experts in wireless networks usually have only a day to set up and test the equipment in the room. Читать полностью -->

In the Network appeared the prices of the BlackBerry tablet - Cell phones

In the Network appeared the prices of the BlackBerry tablet - Cell phonesIn the Network appeared the price of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet canadian company RIM. According to the website Mobility Insider, the price of tablets will start at $ 399. All BlackBerry will launch three tablet models with 16, 32 and 64 gigabytes of memory. They will be sold at the price of 399, 499 and $ 599. Note that RIM officially until confirmed these prices. If the rates will be valid, devices, RIM will cost $ 100 less than the Apple iPads with the same amount of memory. Читать полностью -->

Twitter launched the tab "People" - Cell phones

Twitter launched the tab The microblogging service Twitter has introduced in the main menu tab "People", which summarizes the results of collections of "Who To Follow" and "Similar To", so it's easier to find new friends. The tab "People" includes three sections "View suggestions" (show automatically offer you a selection of accounts from the "Who To Follow"), "Browse interests" (to find friends with the same interests, divided into 20 groups of type "Music", "Politics", and so on) and "Find friends" search friends on the contact sheets e-mail and other instant messengers). The sum of the functions tab "People" in many respects similar to service "Find friends" offered by Facebook. Earlier during the Web 2.0 summit in San Francisco, one of the founders of Twitter, Evan Williams (Evan Williams) said that when forming a stack of "Who To Follow" the system uses some "ratings reputation users. Williams did not exclude that in the future this figure will be displayed in open access. As it is formed "reputation rating", Williams did not specify. Читать полностью -->

Administration Skype called the cause of global failure - Cell phones

Administration Skype called the cause of global failure - Cell phonesThe administration service IP-telephony Skype through his microblog on Twitter called the possible reasons for failure, which occurred in the system in the evening of 22 December. According to the statement, the technical problems around the world were caused by a disconnection of a large part of the hub switches (supernodes). Disable led suddenly apparent incompatibility between the "superuser" and some versions of Skype. At the moment Skype engineers are working on improving communicators - this process is called the development of "mega-superslow" (mega-supernodes), which will allow you to avoid failures in the future. "We are very serious about such incidents and we apologize to all users for the inconvenience," said Executive Director of Skype Tony Bates in an interview with BBC News. He also did not deny the possibility of an attack by hackers on the service, stating that "all versions are checked". Читать полностью -->

Builders: from "ALTIUS SOFTWARE has everything you need - Cell phones

Builders: from Interview with General Director of "ALTIUS SOFT" Andrew Travkina the newspaper "ETS" about the end of 2010. The outgoing year was the company ALTIUS SOFT", engaged in the development of management accounting in construction companies Yubileyny in October she was 10 years old. How was this year about the problems over which they have had to work on the newspaper "ETS" said General Director of company "ALTIUS SOFT" Andrew TRAVKIN. ETS: What happened in 2010 with the main development company "ALTIUS SOFT" program "ALTIUS - construction Management"? - Many people know that at the junction of 2009-2010 has released the sixth version of the program ALTIUS - construction Management". In 2010, the program received an additional upgrade: it includes new features, modules, reports, graphs and other currently released for more than 10 interim releases of the software that users get for free. As for the release of the new, seventh version, I think it will go on sale in early 2011, in the meantime, we continue to receive requests from users to add to the program a certain functionality. Читать полностью -->

In Russia appeared Xbox Live and Kinect - Cell phones

In Russia appeared Xbox Live and Kinect - Cell phonesNovember 10, 2010 in Russia was launched online service Xbox Live, and began sales of the Kinect sensor. This was reported in the press releases of Microsoft, placed at the disposal of edition. The Russian version of Xbox Live has all the features that are available to users of this service in other countries. The average cost of an annual subscription to Xbox Live Gold is 2499 rubles. Those who buy and activate your subscription before January 11, 2011, will receive a miniature police car for your avatar. Players that have registered accounts in another country, can without loss go to Russian Xbox Live. Читать полностью -->

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