A new addition to Mass Effect 2 will be released in September - Cell phones

A new addition to Mass Effect 2 will be released in September - Cell phonesThe "Lair of the Shadow Broker" for sci-Fi RPG Mass Effect 2 will be available for download September 7, 2010, reports Eurogamer. The update will be able to download the owners of Xbox 360 and personal computers. It will cost 800 Microsoft Points ($10) or 800 BioWare. In a new addition to the Mass Effect 2 the game's protagonist commander Shepard will be teaming up with scientist Leroy T Sony. Together they will find the mysterious intermediary, which is the most powerful broker in the market of inside information, as well as the man whom he had kidnapped. "Lair of the Shadow Broker" will add new missions, upgrades, five new trophies and the opportunity to continue a romantic relationship with sarikoy Leroy started earlier in Mass Effect 2. Читать полностью -->

Racing arcade Nail'd will be released in October - Cell phones

Racing arcade Nail'd will be released in October - Cell phonesThe North American release of the arcade racing Nail'd will be held on October 19, and European-22nd, according to the company Deep Silver, the publishing division of Koch Media. Game developed by Polish Studio Techland, will be released on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. To learn more about the project in more detail and even play it for you this week, if only you will go to the exhibition Gamescom 2010 that opens in Cologne (Germany) on August 18. Will there be a demo for all", is not specified. The first thing that comes to mind when I think about Nail'd - arcade Pure Studio Black Rock. The designers focused on racing cross-country motorcycle and ATV. Читать полностью -->

In Runet began ICQ virus-epidemic - Cell phones

In Runet began ICQ virus-epidemic - Cell phonesThousands of users have been the victim of a new ICQ virus Snatch, came running to him on the ICQ network of the same name .the .exe file. The viral epidemic started around noon on 16 August; at the time of this writing in the blogosphere were hundreds of messages about the virus. After running snatch.exe the malware takes control of the ICQ account and sends the entire list their copies. It is highly recommended not to accept and not to run this file. Because in the future the name of the file may change, you should pay attention to its size. In the case of snatch.exe he is 916,5 kilobytes. Читать полностью -->

Blizzard begins "patrolling" WOW-brothels - Cell phones

Blizzard begins Blizzard commented on the "in-game harassment" in the MMORPG World of Warcraft: certain servers and locations will be taken under special control of the moderators to stop sexual harassment, erotic conversations, and other in-game "strawberry". The reaction of the developers was a response to the stream of complaints from some players and parents. In most messages appeared North American server Moon Guard and specifically the Goldshire Inn is the starting location for the human race. It turned out that here in many hang around together, why unsavory character who prefer not to battle with the orcs and skeletons, and a more relaxed routine. Well, I have made the whole mess is one of anxious fathers, locking the account of his son, after he had read the public's chat at this location. "There azumano talking about sex, harass homosexuals and members of other races", exclaims the indignant parent. Читать полностью -->

IPhone sexually active owners of Android Cell phones

IPhone sexually active owners of Android Cell phonesAn interesting study was conducted American Dating site OkCupid. In a survey of users of the service have figured out the type of their smartphones and the degree of sexual activity. As reported by the "News" iPhone owners at the time of the survey was, on average, for the whole life almost twice as many sexual partners than the owners of the devices on the Android platform. Owners of BlackBerry devices in the desire for sexual variety is midway between the two "poles". Here are the specific numbers. The average man - the owner of an Android smartphone to 30 years replaced six partners (female - 6,1), while the owner of the iPhone - 10. Читать полностью -->

Came the first details The Elder Scrolls V - Cell phones

Came the first details The Elder Scrolls V - Cell phonesIn the next part of The Elder Scrolls - Skyrim - will not be familiar to series class system. It is reported by Kotaku, citing the GameInformer magazine. In addition, the extract from the article on the game appeared on the NeoGAF forum. The developers explained the decision to remove classes that it is pointless to ask people to choose the style of the game before they actually started to play. The character will develop only used them skills. To become a strong mage, the player will constantly cast spells. Читать полностью -->

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