Published demo version of the game "Amnesia: Ghost of the past" - Cell phones

Published demo version of the game Horror quest "Amnesia: Ghost of the past" (in the original Amnesia: The Dark Descent) got the demo, according to the publisher 1C. The release of the game will take place on 10 September. "Coming to himself, Daniel found that is a strange castle - tell the developers. His memories of the past troubles Everywhere... only a narrow dark corridors. Somewhere you can hear the cry... Читать полностью -->

Google will release an app-based service Wave Cell phones

Google will release an app-based service Wave Cell phonesGoogle will release an app-based service for the collective Wave. This was stated in the developer blog Google Wave engineer Alex North. The program will be called "Wave in a Box" and will be based on open source code. When the package containing the program will include server and the web client, equipped with the functions of collective work in real-time. The official release date "Wave in a Box" is not reported. In this program you will be able to move the conversation from a web service of Google Wave, which was officially launched for all users in may 2010. Читать полностью -->

THQ has announced a Kinect game Fantastic Pets - Cell phones

THQ has announced a Kinect game Fantastic Pets - Cell phonesPublisher THQ plans to release a Kinect-game Fantastic Pets. The release of new products scheduled for March 2011. It is reported that development is a British Studio Blitz Games. It would seem that we are talking about ordinary pet simulator; this kind of stuff on the market are a dime a dozen. However, everything changes with the presence of the manipulator Kinect, and the project will be implemented using the technology of Augmented Reality (argumentirovannoe reality). "On the screen you will see yourself, your bathroom and virtual pet that you can play," say the publishers. Читать полностью -->

Google will teach the computer to talk to user Cell phones

Google will teach the computer to talk to user Cell phonesGoogle bought the British company Phonetic Arts, specializing in the development of voice interfaces. This was reported in the blog search engine. Using technology Phonetic Arts Google plans to provide its own services "voice" and thus to teach them "talk" to users. As noted, the development of Phonetic Arts are primarily concerned with synthesizing speech using pre-recorded fragments. Google did not specify exactly what services will be launched voice interface. Currently "talking" with users able online translator like Google Translate. Читать полностью -->

Priorities for future data networks-set - Cell phones

Priorities for future data networks-set - Cell phonesConstant disputes about which network is better, 3G or 4G, similar to the attempts to find out whether it is better pickle soup. Dot the "i" in this issue decided to put the international telecommunication Union (MTS), published the press release, which describes the data transmission standards that are candidates to replace already existing in the future. Among the new standards, which have yet to pass certification, the most promising are two: 802.16 m WiMAX 2, also known under the name of the called wireless man-Advanced and LTE-Advanced. Both of them have great potential in comparison with the existing standards, in particular, the throughput of WiMAX 2 can reach 1 GB/s And WiMAX 2 and LTE-Advanced belong to the fourth generation networks. In fact, the existing LTE networks and WiMAX cannot be attributed to the fourth generation, because they do not meet the requirements fully. The MTS specialists believe that the network of the fourth generation shall have a capacity in excess of 100 Mbps, which we do not see real commercial WiMAX and LTE.. Читать полностью -->

Sony talked about the next generation consoles PSP - Cell phones

Sony talked about the next generation consoles PSP - Cell phonesPortable game console PSP2 will have a touch screen along with the analog controls. The head unit Sony Computer Entertainment Kazuo Hirai (Kazuo Hirai) in an interview with The New York Times revealed some of the characteristics of the next generation consoles PlayStation Portable. According to Hirai, PSP2 will be touch screen, but Sony will not abandon traditional controls, buttons and frogs. In some games, the control will be fully touch, in others the player will have to use as a screen, and buttons. Hirai also urged not to compare games for PSP games for mobile platforms iOS and Android. Portable console requires the user to dive deeper into the game, he said, so the PSP will always have their fans. Читать полностью -->

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