Nokia showed off the future of Mobile phones

Nokia showed off the future of Mobile phonesAnother concept introduced by the Finnish company Nokia. Model E-Cu development of which worked designer Patrick Hyland, stands out from its predecessors - phones that can be charged from an integrated generators. Devices convert heat from any source into electrical energy to recharge the phone, no matter where he was - in the owner's pocket or on your desktop. The casing is made of copper. Abbreviation E-Cu stands for: E - English Environment (environment), and Cu - designation of copper in the periodic table of chemical elements of Mendeleev. "I was wondering - what is the biggest problem with mobile devices? - was the recycling, and the worst thing that used batteries, while attempting to destroy their cause incredible harm to the environment. Читать полностью -->

LiveJournal has launched the blogosphere digest - Cell phones

LiveJournal has launched the blogosphere digest - Cell phonesLiveJournal 28 September launched a media project LJTimes, through which users can view the most interesting writing LJ. This is stated in the press release LiveJournal sent to the editor "of the". Daily LJ appears to 150 thousand new posts. Special automatic system selects potentially relevant and important ones. Then the resulting set of sorts and filters the team of professional editors, choosing the best posts. The last and fall in LJTimes. Читать полностью -->

The poles have released a Communist version of "Monopoly" - Cell phones

The poles have released a Communist version of The Polish Institute of national heritage has released the Communist version of the popular Board game "Monopoly", according to Polskie Radio Dla Zagranicy. The game, called "the Turn", aims to raise awareness of Polish young people about life in the country under the Communist regime. Rules "Queue" similar to the rules of the game "Monopoly", however, their fundamental difference lies in the fact that buying certain things in the Polish version of the game will be fraught with great difficulties, because the player will have to stand in line. As things are going to buy will not be assets and events, and products and necessities. So, players "Queue" have to buy shoes, toilet paper, furniture, coffee and other things. To be able to purchase a particular item, the player will have to stand as close to the counter of a store or warehouse. Читать полностью -->

Service Vkontakte thrilled users of Mobile phones

Service Vkontakte thrilled users of Mobile phonesFierce debate unfolded in the vastness of the popular social network "Vkontakte". The subject of the discussions that have already spilled outside the scope of this website, was the innovation of its creators - interface microblog. A new feature, and with it a new appearance of the page the user came to the site "Vkontakte" on Wednesday. Now instead of the usual wall, where other users can leave other various messages and gifts, as well as the status line, appeared microblog, which combines both of these functions. "Since the launch of the first version of the Microblog in August of this year the service was unrecognizable. On the pages of users was introduced more than 30 improvements, so share the news with friends and discuss them became easier. Читать полностью -->

Firefox 4 will receive automatic updates - Cell phones

Firefox 4 will receive automatic updates - Cell phonesMozilla is implemented in Firefox 4 automatic updates. This means that the web browser in the background without distracting the user notifications and confirmations will be able to download and install updates, patches and fixes. Of course the update will inform special status-line. It is expected that the automatic update will be implemented in the Windows version of Firefox 4. If desired, users can disable this option, but then, before you download the update, the browser will display a corresponding request. Firefox 4, we recall, is now in beta stage. Читать полностью -->

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