Google tests a preview of search results - Cell phones

Google tests a preview of search results - Cell phonesThe Internet-Google is testing a service that allows without clicking on the link to see a miniature version of the found web pages. According to observers, the new function will probably be introduced as a complement to the already existing "Live search". To pre-show on the page, just hover over the link in the search results, said Patrick Altoft, one of the leading advisors in the field of SEO in the UK. In some sections of the thumbnail appears in the snippet (a small piece of text from pages found), framed by an orange frame. To date, it is unclear whether the Internet giant testing or deploys a new service for all users. However, the official representatives of Google in the email to our Mashable reported that "at any time spend 50-200 search experiments. Читать полностью -->

Apple has patented a new tablet - Cell phones

Apple has patented a new tablet - Cell phonesApple has patented a new type of tablet, writes the website Patently Apple. The patent for this device was granted the US Patent office. The development is made in the form of a slider and has a touchscreen display and a QWERTY keyboard. In fact, the tablet is a hybrid iPad and MacBook. In the closed position, the device is a tablet that you can keep both horizontally and vertically. When nominating display hybrid can be kept on the table and use as a regular laptop. Читать полностью -->

Samsung showed equipped with WiMAX 2 - Cell phones

Samsung showed equipped with WiMAX 2 - Cell phonesThe South Korean group Samsung mobile electronics exhibition CEATEC 2010 in Japan demonstrated a number of devices equipped with wireless WiMAX 2. In the spotlight were the TVs that were able to download videos with Full HD resolution and three-dimensional content with a speed of 330 megabits per second. The our Engadget stressed that this is only a third of the theoretical maximum bandwidth WiMAX 2. In order to demonstrate the capabilities of wireless networks and its products, Samsung together with UQ Communications has deployed a WiMAX network 2 specially for the exhibition in Tokyo. The first commercial products from Samsung support wireless fourth generation networks will be presented at the end of 2011. The IEEE 802.16 m ("official" name of WiMAX 2) must be ratified next month. Читать полностью -->

Garbage trucks will be equipped with GLONASS - Cell phones

Garbage trucks will be equipped with GLONASS - Cell phonesRussian Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov proposed to equip the garbage navigation satellite system GLONASS, allowing you to control the routes of the vehicles. "I think, then environmental issues in Russia will be solved much more successful than it is now," said Sergei Ivanov. According to him, today there are numerous instances when the garbage trucks doing their job, they do not go on the official site have to dump the garbage, and the nearest forest, because it's faster and more convenient". Vice Prime Minister noted that currently GLONASS equipped vehicles in the Federal and regional ownership. He also noted that the new system has not yet reached the commercial sector. "The question turns on the backwardness of our microelectronics, production of chipsets, based on which to create any navigation device. Читать полностью -->

Armor becomes stronger due to the nanotube - Cell phones

Armor becomes stronger due to the nanotube - Cell phonesThe new company TorTech Nano Fibers will begin to produce in Israel fibers based on carbon nanotubes, which will be used to increase the protective properties of the armor and the manufacture of armor fighting vehicles. This is actually one of the first examples of large-scale introduction of new advanced technologies and industrial production of nanomaterials, which is stronger than Kevlar and other ballistic fabrics, but a flexible and light. TorTech Nano Fibers is a joint venture owned by an Israeli company Plasan, which produces armor, and Q-Flo Cambridge University. In accordance with the agreement Plasan will have exclusive sales and marketing rights on the armor, while the Q-Flo will retain the rights for other potential applications of the new material. "We believe that carbon nanotubes will revolutionize the defense industry due to the emergence of a new lightweight, flexible and incredibly durable bonemineral, - said General Director of Plasan, Dan Ziv (Dan Ziv). We intend to produce on the basis of the carbon nanotube fibers that can be woven into solid materials. Читать полностью -->

Platformer Super Meat Boy will not appear on the Wii - Cell phones

Platformer Super Meat Boy will not appear on the Wii - Cell phonesIndie Studio Team Meat, who created "the most hardcore independent platformer" in 2010, Super Meat Boy, refused to release the Wii version. The original project was published in the console Xbox Live Arcade in October S., and online distribution of Steam at the end of November. Next in line was the Wii (console network WiiWare), but because of the severe restrictions imposed Nintendo, developers refused "porting". "That was held WiiWare release, the size distribution should not exceed 40 MB. We cut everything we could have abandoned the greater part of the music, but further reduce the project's simply impossible," said the developers. Until the last moment Team Meat was in talks with Nintendo to modify conditions of release or at least to divide the project into two parts, but alas... Читать полностью -->

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