The first navigators Lexand on a new platform SiRFatlasV - Cell phones

The first navigators Lexand on a new platform SiRFatlasV - Cell phonesLaboratory "Leksand" (trade mark Lexand), Russian supplier device GPS satellite navigation, introduces four new models of car navigators: Lexand Si-530, Lexand Si-535, Lexand Si-512 (plus) A5 and Lexand Si-515 (plus) A5. A key feature of new - hardware platform SiRFatlasV, which has several advantages compared to previous generation chipset SiRFatlasIV: higher speed, efficiency and accuracy. Navigators Lexand Si-530 and Lexand Si-535, equipped with a touch screen with a diagonal of 4.3 and 5 inches, respectively, replacing the models Lexand Si-512 and Lexand Si-515. In turn, Lexand Si-512 (plus) A5 and Lexand Si-515 (plus) A5 are heirs navigators Lexand Si-512 (plus) and Lexand Si-515 (plus). The design and functionality of the device remains unchanged, while their speed increased by about 20%. In addition, the chipset SiRFatlasV more economical - in sleep mode conserves the battery reaches 10%. Читать полностью -->

The patented procedure turn off the computer, Cell phones

The patented procedure turn off the computer, Cell phonesMicrosoft received a patent , the application for which was filed back in 2005, on the procedure turn off the computer, assuming semi-automatic shut down running programs. The patent describes the procedure for shutting down programs before shutting down the system. This functionality is familiar to users of most modern versions of Windows (version XP). If the user wants to turn off the computer, but will not shut down all applications before it, the system will show the list of running programs, which should not be closed automatically. This happens, for example, if you open the Word document has unsaved changes. The system will remind the user about it and offer to either cancel the shutdown, or ignore the warning then the program will be closed and any unsaved changes are lost). Читать полностью -->

"National" operating system in the development of Mobile phones

The Russian government has admitted that it allocates $ 5 million for the development of a "national" operating system, built on open-source Linux OS. This is an attempt to free public computers with operating system Windows OS of Microsoft, as well as software from other copyright holders, that is, as stated, in order to save money, improve safety, and reduce dependence on such a giant among software developers as Microsoft. The problem, however, is that no one has yet seen the new operating system, and some experts don't understand why it was needed. "This is a very sensitive issue," says Victor Tsygankov analyst of the Russian branch of the consulting company in the field of information technology International Data Corporation. "I don't quite understand how you can make a national operating system based on Linux. Linux is not a Russian creation. Читать полностью -->

Google Chrome has reached almost 10% of the browser market - Cell phones

Google Chrome has reached almost 10% of the browser market - Cell phonesAccording to a report by Analytics firm NetApplications, Google Chrome has almost doubled its market share in 2010, reaching 9,98%. These figures are particularly impressive, given that the Internet browser from Google appeared only 2 years ago and last year took up only 4.6% of the market. Looking at the results of Chrome, it is also interesting to note that the main market player, Internet Explorer, for these two years has significantly lost ground. So, at the time of launch Chrome, Microsoft belonged to more than two third of the browser market. By the end of 2009, its share fell to 62%, according to the latest data - is only 57%. Among the reasons for this decline in the popularity celebrate many reasons. Читать полностью -->

Xi3 Modular Computer is a look into the future PC - Cell phones

Xi3 Modular Computer is a look into the future PC - Cell phonesPersonal computer is a combination of the monitor, system unit and inputs the information. Despite the fact that years of experience have proven the versatility of this set, periodically there are new proposals to improve and radically change one of the components familiar to us PC. Will be marked in the row innovators decided and the company Xi3, offered his view on the computer of the future Modular Computer. What pleases at first sight - the small size of the system unit, its dimensions are 101,6 x x 92,8 92,8 mm (convenient size, especially at work when scheduled office moving a lot of time for resettlement so small equipment not needed), the power consumption is 20 watts. PC is built on a modular principle, system Board, it is divided into three parts: first posted the processor and RAM, the other two collected funds IO. Any card can be replaced by another, which, according to the manufacturer, simplifies the process of connecting peripheral devices. Читать полностью -->

Microsoft introduced a mobile platform Windows Phone 7 Cell phones

Microsoft introduced a mobile platform Windows Phone 7 Cell phonesMicrosoft and partner companies introduced a mobile platform, Windows Phone 7, and nine of the first phones that will work on it. Windows Phone 7 will move 60 mobile operators in 30 countries. Among the manufacturers of new smartphones - Dell, HTC, LG, and Samsung. In particular, we are talking about smartphones, HTC HD7, Samsung OMNIA 7, LG Optimus 7 and the Dell Venue Pro. All these smartphones run on GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. The first smartphones with Windows Phone 7 will go on sale in the U.S. Читать полностью -->

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