"United Russia" justified "grey" imports of iPads - Cell phones

The head of the Executive Committee of the "United Russia" Andrei Vorobyov has acted with an explanation of the information that members of the party's General Council was obligated to come to the meeting with the iPad, the official delivery to Russia is not yet started. In an interview with the "Russian news service" Vorobyov said that members of the "United Russia" has got the tablets from Apple on legal grounds. The head of the party Executive Committee noted that the order of the leadership of the party Presidium members must attend a meeting with any device capable of receiving Wi-Fi discussed materials. "That is, it may not be the only iPad," said Vorobyov. As for those who have the opportunity to bring to the meeting of the iPad, Vorobyov said the following: "...We live in reality. Today a large number of people these portable devices are already available. Читать полностью -->

Published specifications Android tablet Toshiba Folio 100 - Cell phones

Published specifications Android tablet Toshiba Folio 100 - Cell phonesFinally became known comprehensive characteristics of the tablet computer from Toshiba image which appeared the other day. Previously, the model appeared under the name of the SmartPad, but now it is reported that she will be called Folio 100. The tablet is built on a hardware platform nVidia Tegra second generation, but as an OS it uses Android 2.2. Additional mentioned ON the application for reading e-books, RSS reader program for viewing PDF files and web browser Opera Mobile supports Flash 10.1. The computer is equipped with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3G, stereo speakers with a total power of 1 watt, HDMI, USB and miniUSB, 16 GB of integrated memory, a slot for flash cards MMC/SD/SDHC memory card, web camera with 1.3-megapixel matrix. The battery 1 020 mA•h provides upcoming new up to 7 hours of battery life. Читать полностью -->

Stores received more than 4 million PlayStation Move - Cell phones

Stores received more than 4 million PlayStation Move - Cell phonesSony Computer Entertainment has shipped to stores 4.1 million PlayStation Move controllers. It is reported by GameSpot with reference to the press release of the company. Reporters noted that, although the press release says about the sales of the Move controller, actually we are talking about the number of devices that was sent to the stores. Representatives of Sony refused to reveal the exact sales of the Move controller. According to them, trading companies continue to request new party device. The PlayStation Move motion controller allows you to control some games for the PlayStation 3 hand motions. Читать полностью -->

Stopped working the largest torrent tracker Runet - Cell phones

Stopped working the largest torrent tracker Runet - Cell phonesToday, October 14, ceased to open site Rutracker.org the largest torrent tracker Runet. When you try to access the domain name and IP are not implemented requests ping and trace. Representatives Rutracker.org until gave their comments about stopping the resource. It is assumed that is now closed access to the DNS servers of the website because hosted pirated content. Recall that the torrent tracker Torrents.ru got a new name Rutracker.org in February this year, when the delegation of a domain Torrents.ru was suspended at the request of the authorities without notice or any notice.. . Читать полностью -->

Lexand enters the market of electronic BookReader Cell phones

Lexand enters the market of electronic BookReader Cell phones"Laboratory "Leksand""" (trade mark Lexand), a Russian provider of satellite GPS navigators, announces the release on the market of electronic readers (e-book) and the beginning of sales of the two models - Lexand LE-106 and Lexand LT-105. The first device is a classic reader with 6-inch screen on the basis of "electronic ink (E-Ink), the second is a TFT-reader with a 5-inch display. TFT-reader - device new type TFT screens, designed for reading e-books and view videos and photos in color, that is impossible in the vast majority of readers with displays of E-Ink . On average the reader cheaper counterparts with E-Ink screen on the third (4 500 rubles against 7 000 rubles). TFT-readers began to appear in Russia in autumn 2010. "Laboratory "Leksand" since the end of 2008 supplies Russia GPS navigation brand Lexand. Читать полностью -->

2011 will be the year of tablets, 3D and 4G Cell phones

2011 will be the year of tablets, 3D and 4G Cell phonesThe main gadget of 2011 will be the tablets according to organizers culminating today in Las Vegas (USA) exhibition Consumer Electronics Show (CES)was held from 6 to 9 January 2011. In addition, it is expected "boom" three-dimensional video, including without glasses, as well as on portable devices. According to the head of Microsoft Steve Ballmer, this will be the year of Windows - but agree not all. Ended a few hours ago, the world's largest electronics companies from different countries presented more than 80 tablets, similar to the widely known iPad. Representatives organized the exhibition consumer electronics Association (CEA)Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) unites 2000 companies in this industry believe that tablets will become the main gadget of this year. In addition, as stated at the exhibition CEA CEO Gary Shapiro, the beginning of the year should bring a lot of innovations in the field of three-dimensional video. Читать полностью -->

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