Highscreen 605 - new reader at a reasonable price - Cell phones

Highscreen 605 - new reader at a reasonable price - Cell phonesThe company "Vobis Computer", the founder and owner of the brand Highscreen, announces the start of sales of the e-reader Highscreen 605. Novelty has a standard for most devices of this type 6-inch display based on E-Ink technology ("e-inks") of the third generation, music player and support for up to 16 formats of electronic documents. The cost of the reader in the salons of retailers is 6 490 rubles. The first readers appeared in Russia in 2007 year, but to afford them could not every Russian: cost models provided by informal "grey" channels reached $500-600. By the end of 2009, the market was attended by less than ten brands, supplying readers. The average price of a device of this class was more than 10 thousand rubles. Читать полностью -->

The Indians announced the reader with a shop on 200 thousand books Cell phones

The Indians announced the reader with a shop on 200 thousand books Cell phonesIndian company EC Media has announced an e-book reader Wink, writes Geeky-Gadgets. The creators of the device were able to agree with such major publishers like Harper Collins, Penguin, Roli, Permanent Black and Oxford University press. As a result, buyers Wink will be available the electronic version of 200 thousand books. Wink is equipped with a six-inch screen of the electronic paper with a resolution of 800 by 600 pixels, modules Wi-Fi and GPRS and keyboard. The battery lasts for reading 10 thousand pages. In addition, the device has a headphone Jack, a USB 2.0 connector. Читать полностью -->

During the year the attendance Twitter doubled - Cell phones

During the year the attendance Twitter doubled - Cell phonesFor the year from June 2009 to June 2010 attendance Twitter increased from 44.5 to 92,9 million users per month, i.e. by 109 percent. This is stated in the report by comScore, which does not consider the use of Twitter through clients. The fastest regional audience Twitter is growing in Latin America, where the number of users increased by 305 percent, from 3.8 to 15.4 million in the month. On the second place in the Asia-Pacific region, where audience growth amounted to 243 percent (from 7.3 to 25.1 million). Less likely, by 22 percent, increased the number of North American visitors mikroblogerskogo resource. Читать полностью -->

Liquavista will begin mass production of displays, Cell phones

Liquavista will begin mass production of displays, Cell phonesDutch company Liquavista intends to start production of flexible displays. The displays will be built based on the latest technologies. When a color image is formed from water and oil, to which is applied voltage. Thanks to technology, you can create displays with low power consumption. Standard glass layer in the display is replaced by a flexible substrate. Due to this, the screen is plastic and bent in different directions. Читать полностью -->

Russian development center Nokia will open in 2011 Cell phones

Russian development center Nokia will open in 2011 Cell phonesRussian development center Nokia will open in 2011 in SKOLKOVO near Moscow, according to a press release from the Finnish company. The creation of the centre of development prescribed in the Memorandum of understanding between the leadership of Nokia and "innovation city" SKOLKOVO. It is noted that Russia will become the eighth country in the world where opens research center Nokia. Also research centres Nokia opened in the UK, India, Kenya, China, USA, Switzerland and Finland In the Russian Nokia will be conducted researches in the field of health, social networks and environmental monitoring. Also Nokia engineers will study the prospects for the use of nanotechnology in mobile devices and solutions. It is noted that the participating companies SKOLKOVO will have access to investment capital of Nokia. Читать полностью -->

Budgeting in construction companies Cell phones

Budgeting in construction companies Cell phonesFor many businesses, including construction, budgeting is one of the most complex areas in the company. The difficulty lies in the fact that the budgets of even medium-sized companies represent a dataset consisting of sums and articles that are assembled into a single unit. The budget, in fact, is the integrated document, which is not reflected nor the lists of works, nor any of their terms and the types or conditions of contracts, etc., the Base budget is the set of initial data (contracts, applications, budgeting, planning their own activities of the enterprise, graphs). Budget also has a lot, and one contract may contain items (a list of services and works), which belong to different items of the budget. Of course, in business statics prevails rarely, and only in the construction business. And when the budget needs to be revised to meet in construction companies quite often. Читать полностью -->

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