Journalists sent the heroes of the new Call of Duty in space - Cell phones

Journalists sent the heroes of the new Call of Duty in space - Cell phonesThe action of the next Call of Duty will take place in space. It is reported by Gamasutra, citing an unnamed source. Journalists argue that space issues will be devoted to that part of the Call of Duty, work Studio, Sledgehammer Games. The game's plot will be dedicated to the soldiers of the future. It should be noted that before the formation of Sledgehammer Games guide Studio took part in the creation of the sci-Fi horror game Dead Space. The events of this game are also deployed in space. Читать полностью -->

Staff BBC News wrote spyware - Cell phones

Staff BBC News wrote spyware - Cell phonesMembers of the British broadcasting Corporation BBC News as an experiment created a game for smartphones, secretly gathers information about the device owner. The application was created using standard development tools. The whole game took one and a half thousand lines of code, of which spy "bookmark" had 250. It was loaded on one of the phones, but did not send in the app store. Similar experiments in the BBC News put not for the first time. So, in March 2009, the leading TV shows BBC Click, acting in concert with experts, has infected nearly 22 thousand computers specially designed Trojan. Читать полностью -->

Release Rayman Origins is postponed indefinitely - Cell phones

Release Rayman Origins is postponed indefinitely - Cell phonesOnly Rayman can so easily turn responsible magical journey in frivolous haha-farce. At the end of the rapidly fading year was supposed to be released adventure platformer Rayman Origins. As you can see, this did not happen. Well, publisher Ubisoft confirmed after the fact that the release is delayed. Apparently, "until better times", because other information from "Yubi"speaker was not achieved. Oddities are observed around the list of platforms. Читать полностью -->

Announced a new eReader with a color screen Cell phones

Announced a new eReader with a color screen Cell phonesThe Sharper Image announced a new Literati eReader. It is equipped with a color screen with a diagonal of 7 inches, reported in the official press release. A new device for reading electronic books will go on sale in October 2010 at a price of $ 159. According to the manufacturer, it will be sold in more than 7 thousands of retail stores, which would be a record for such devices in the USA. About the availability of e-readers in Russia has not yet officially reported. Literati will be equipped with a QWERTY keyboard, and also support wireless Wi-Fi networks. Читать полностью -->

"World of Tanks" sent to print - Cell phones

Company and "New Disc" reported sending to print the disk version of the multiplayer game "World of Tanks". You will take part in a multiplayer tank battles. Promised massive battles and a lot of hours of exciting game. "World of Tanks" will appear on store shelves in two different jewel-packaging: the first normal, the second contains the code to activate a premium account for 1 month. Set both editions include in-game currency in the amount of 500 gold. "World of Tanks" will go on sale on December 23.. Читать полностью -->

Google tests a preview of search results - Cell phones

Google tests a preview of search results - Cell phonesThe Internet-Google is testing a service that allows without clicking on the link to see a miniature version of the found web pages. According to observers, the new function will probably be introduced as a complement to the already existing "Live search". To pre-show on the page, just hover over the link in the search results, said Patrick Altoft, one of the leading advisors in the field of SEO in the UK. In some sections of the thumbnail appears in the snippet (a small piece of text from pages found), framed by an orange frame. To date, it is unclear whether the Internet giant testing or deploys a new service for all users. However, the official representatives of Google in the email to our Mashable reported that "at any time spend 50-200 search experiments. Читать полностью -->

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