The release action Deus Ex: Human Revolution is postponed Cell phones

The release action Deus Ex: Human Revolution is postponed Cell phonesPublisher Square Enix announced involuntary transfer release date role-playing shooter game Deus Ex: Human Revolution. ...Forgetting, however, to name the reason for the delay and got off with platitudes: "Additional time, polishing, high quality". Engaged in developing a game Studio Eidos Montreal, which promised to complete the project in early 2011. Alas, today it was said that the release was pushed to the first quarter of fiscal 2011. You have to wait until the game is in the period from April to June of the next year. The project is being developed for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Читать полностью -->

Presents the "smart" processor for smartphones - Cell phones

Presents the Company ARM Holdings has developed the most powerful mobile processor in the world. Clocked Quad-core chip ARM Cortex A15 MPCore 2.5 GHz, according to an official press release. According to the developers, the processor will be five times the performance of today's mobile chips. When this power Cortex A15 is "comparable", the representatives of ARM Holdings. The chips will be manufactured with the use of 32 - and 28-nanometer process technology. In the future provided by the manufacture of the core A15 processor using a 20-nanometer process technology. Читать полностью -->

Microsoft shows Windows 8 in January - Cell phones

Microsoft shows Windows 8 in January - Cell phonesIt may be that at the January CES 2011(Las Vegas, Nevada, USA), Microsoft will talk about in the development of the Windows 8 operating system and will even demonstrate its early Assembly. New client platform, according to rumors, during the presentation of Windows tablets will represent the Corporation's Director Steve Ballmer. Observers hope that the head of Microsoft somehow be forced to describe a number of features of the OS, in particular touchscreen technology and cloud services. Some also believe that Microsoft can tell us an approximate release date for the beta version of Windows 8. Most likely, it will happen closer to the end of 2011. Well, so far we only know that Windows 8 will get a radically redesigned 3D interface Wind, will benefit from improved power management tools, learn how to support wireless monitors and 3D displays. Читать полностью -->

U.S. authorities organize surveillance in Facebook and Skype Cell phones

U.S. authorities organize surveillance in Facebook and Skype Cell phonesThe administration of U.S. President Barack Obama is developing a new bill that would allow American authorities to intercept and decrypt the data on all channels Internet communications. Included social networking services (Facebook or Twitter), VoIP-telephony (Skype) or encrypted e-mail clients that are installed on the RIM BlackBerry devices. The new rules of Internet regulation in the United States is scheduled to be submitted to Congress next year. However, the government to intercept and decode messages will still need to obtain judicial resolution. Читать полностью -->

The BlackBerry maker is ready to make a deal with the Indians - Cell phones

The BlackBerry maker is ready to make a deal with the Indians - Cell phonesSmartphone maker BlackBerry is a canadian company RIM has announced its willingness to make a deal with the Indian authorities, AFP reports. Previously, the authorities have declared their readiness to block from September 1, BlackBerry enterprise services. RIM has offered to host an industry forum to discuss the issue of disclosure of correspondence corporate owners of BlackBerry smartphones. This canadian company has agreed to give law enforcement authorities access to the data users, provided that the access will be done on a legal basis. August 12, the government of India made a statement in which he demanded from local mobile operators in the period up to 31 August to give them access to the correspondence BlackBerry owners. The final decision on whether the blocked services will be made by the Minister of internal Affairs of the country Gopala Krishna by Pellam (G. Читать полностью -->

TDK has unveiled a prototype optical disk, Cell phones

TDK has unveiled a prototype optical disk, Cell phonesTDK has unveiled a prototype of an optical disc of the next generation. The prototype differs from modern optical media more capacity is 1 TB. The developers claim that optical disks can be used as solutions for backing up large amounts of data. Of the sixteen layers writable disk is. The capacity of each is 32 GB. The disk has a high light transmission. Читать полностью -->

Facebook took another data center - Cell phones

Facebook took another data center - Cell phonesThe largest social network in the world, Facebook has chosen a place to build a second data center server hardware soccerwise will be located in forest city (North Carolina). According to representatives of Facebook, building their own data centers, absolule growing audience of users and amount of data in the social network. The construction of the first data center Facebook located in the city of Prineville (Oregon), will be completed next year. "This project continues the strategy Facebook to transition from leased data centers to its own data centers, more cost-effective and efficient" - quoted by The New York Times Barry Sinitta, one of the representatives of the social network. Building a data center in forest city will take about 18 months, said the Governor of North Carolina, Bev Perdue. He added that Facebook is investing more than $ 450 million in new construction, which in the future can grow. Читать полностью -->

In development, perhaps, is the RPG The Elder Scrolls V - Cell phones

In development, perhaps, is the RPG The Elder Scrolls V - Cell phonesNot far off the announcement of a role-playing game the Elder Scrolls V, says chief editor of the Danish division of the portal Eurogamer Christian West (Kristian West). They found that resource Eurogamer Denmark talked to someone close to the team" (that much!), and opened resource shining truth: Bethesda Game Studios "a long time" leads the development of the project. However, sounded and some plot details. So, the action is going to unfold shortly after the events of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and will tell about a certain Lord of the dragons and the fate of the Order of the Blades. Well, now's written dialogues, and the process will continue for several weeks. All this, by the way, there is indirect evidence: I remember, the developers talked about the existence of some kind of new game, although to call it that and not ventured. Читать полностью -->

Silicon Power introduces SSD E20 - Cell phones

Silicon Power introduces SSD E20 - Cell phonesThe Taiwanese company Silicon Power has announced the release of SSD E20, which will be available in four versions -- 32, 64, 128 and 256 GB. The novelty supports recovery and data protection ECC, as well as the TRIM command, which can extend the lifespan of the SSD and optimize its performance. Information about the controller, the underlying E20, as well as on the amount of cache memory format DDR2 developers do not lead. Declared the read data rate is 250 MB/s and write speed -- 230 Mbit/s Model created using the NAND flash memory according to the technology of multi-level cells (MLC). Connect 2.5-inch new to PC is carried out via Serial ATA 3 Gbit/s Drive Silicon Power E20 is provided by a two year warranty. Its value is not reported.. Читать полностью -->

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