Square Enix will remake Final Fantasy XIV Online Cell phones

Square Enix will remake Final Fantasy XIV Online Cell phonesThe company Square Enix intends to make major changes to the multiplayer game Final Fantasy XIV Online. This was stated by the President of the company EITI WADA at the shareholders ' meeting Square Enix November 4, andriasang reports with reference to the Japanese newspaper Mainichi. Earlier it became known that the company is preparing two updates for Final Fantasy XIV. The first will be released in late November 2010, the second in mid-December 2010. Updates will affect the interface of the game, battles, market, quests, as well as the balance between classes. The decision to change the game was made by the government Square Enix after Final Fantasy XIV has been criticized by the specialized press. Читать полностью -->

Fake antivirus leaves the computer without protection - Mobile phones

Fake antivirus leaves the computer without protection - Mobile phonesSymantec warns of new Trojan, through which intruders install in the web user's PC fake antivirus. Once on the potential victim machine, the Trojan displays a message about the detection of non-certified anti-virus products, which can cause system damage. Next, you are prompted to uninstall these packages; and whatever action you choose, established remedies will still be deleted. The Trojan is able to detect and destroy the security instruments such companies as Microsoft, AVG, PC Tools, Zone Labs, etc. Then on the PC installs fake antivirus AnVi Antivirus, immediately alert supposedly found infections. To clean the system and offered to pay the authors AnVi Antivirus some money. Читать полностью -->

Taiwan begin to collect small iPad - Cell phones

Taiwan begin to collect small iPad - Cell phonesTaiwanese manufacturers of computer components, has received orders from Apple for the manufacture of parts for a new tablet computer. The company is preparing to complement already selling the iPad with a 9.7-inch screen, more compact 7-inch model. In stores it may appear in the November-December, in anticipation of the Christmas holidays. That Taiwan begin to collect new ipady", Reuters reports with reference to the Taiwan business newspaper Economic Daily News. Last week on a small tablet from Apple reported publication DigiTimes. However, according to his information screen novelties may be 7 and 5 inches, and in the sale it will be available in early 2011 at a price of $ 400. Читать полностью -->

The Opera browser has got the support extensions - Cell phones

The Opera browser has got the support extensions - Cell phonesNorwegian company Opera has just introduced the first alpha version of Opera 11 for personal computers. The main new feature is support for extensions. Users will be able to install additional software modules that add a certain functionality. So far it was only possible with widgets and Opera Unite applications running on top of the browser. Developers can create extensions on the same web standards that are used in the production of web sites and web applications, in particular HTML5 and JavaScript. In this case, said Opera, a small change in the code will allow you to port on Opera 11 additions, previously developed for other web browsers. Читать полностью -->

The web service Skype will appear in early 2011 - Cell phones

The web service Skype will appear in early 2011 - Cell phonesSkype will launch its own web service in the first quarter of 2011. "It was our TechCrunch, citing anonymous sources. Using "cloud" service, users will be able to make calls and chat directly from your browser. Thus they do not need to open to do this, the Skype client. Source TechCrunch says that the web service Skype will open in a special plug-in. This plugin will need to download it separately. Читать полностью -->

Computer and mobile phone - key "facilities of the 21st century" - Cell phones

Computer and mobile phone - key All-Russian center for public opinion research (VTSIOM) conducted a survey of 1,6 thousand Russians, dedicated to figuring out what the Russians recognize the main "convenience of the 21st century", has made a deliberate manner. Telephone (73%) and computer (53%) were those inventions that changed the lives of people in the 21st century. Third in the ranking of the recognized vehicle (51%). The most important discoveries also include the Internet (42%) and TV (39%). For ten years the value of these inventions has increased. First of all, it concerns the mobile phone - from 8% to 73%. Читать полностью -->

Impressions of Kinect - Cell phones

Impressions of Kinect - Cell phonesIn the summer of 2009 at the E3 Microsoft unveiled a device that later became known as Kinect. It was announced that it will allow people to become controllers and play without gamepads, joysticks and even without remotes with motion sensors. Actually, the idea of recognition of gestures in games is not new, but nobody had taken to implement it on the same scale as Microsoft. For one and a half years after the announcement of Kinect, wrote about it and talked all sorts of things. Now, when the sensor went on sale, and we have provided a network of shops "M. Video", it is time to put an end to the gossip. Читать полностью -->

Horror Alpha Polaris will be released in Russia by the efforts of "Akella" - Cell phones

Horror Alpha Polaris will be released in Russia by the efforts of The company "Akella" localizes and emit Finnish adventure game with elements of horror Alpha Polaris. Ur? The project, designed by the Studio Turmoil Games, will be released only on PC. Estimated release date is the first quarter of 2011. Alpha Polaris tells the story of a Norwegian biologist Rune of Knudsen caught somewhere in the middle of Greenland, on the American research station, which is engaged in the search for oil. In the sky played a powerful ion storm, and in the real world break through the most terrible nightmares and dreams... "The basis of the game is the atmosphere of impending, looming fear, in which a variety of human qualities and emotions manifest themselves most vividly," says project Manager to TIIM the Villena. Читать полностью -->

The output of the first newspaper for iPad delayed - Cell phones

The output of the first newspaper for iPad delayed - Cell phonesThe global media company News Corporation Rupert Murdoch has postponed the publication of the newspaper The Daily, designed specifically for the iPad. It is reported by The Guardian. According to the newspaper, News Corporation and Apple are working together on the project, has cancelled the launch of The Daily, previously scheduled for January 19. It was assumed that Rupert Murdoch and CEO of Apple Steve jobs will personally present the paper at the Museum of modern art in San Francisco. The Guardian notes that Apple may be working on the changes in iTunes that will allow you to write on it a subscription to The Daily. Due to the changes the system will automatically collect from users of The Daily, weekly and monthly fee. Читать полностью -->

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