New application Zwink for iPhone helps to smile - Cell phones

New application Zwink for iPhone helps to smile - Cell phonesThe company Breadcrumbs Limited announced the release of entertainment applications Zwink, allowing you to use a set of animated images to Express emotions in all situations, when words are difficult to find or say they cannot. Application developers, inspired by the popular "emoticons" that we add to their e-mails, IMS and SMS, I hope that the new application Zwink will help to Express emotions on your iPhone, iPad and iPod in all their diversity. Run the application and show the other person one of the charming full-screen images Zwinker that he learned, what you feel now. In U.S. application Zwink instantly became a sensation. Just a few days it has been downloaded over 75,000 times. This suggests that often in life is very important minor things. On October 22 Zwink can be downloaded for free in the Russian App Store. Zwink can be used in many different situations. This is an effective way to Express feelings and emotions, if it is difficult to find words. Want to flirt with someone on the other side of the room or under the table? If you are shy or, on the contrary, incredibly confident, the correct answer is Zwink. Got bored in a meeting, during a tedious speech or family dinner? Amuse your neighbor, showing him yawning Zwinker. You can reveal your dark side, expressed through smiley anger. Send your loved one a message on social network or SMS is recognized as a romantic gesture in modern society. Zwink perfectly complements this type of communication, helping to convey emotions, and will definitely cause your favorite smile on her face. Speaking aloud is impossible or cannot come to the aid of small Zwinkers. Each Zwinker, if you click on it or shake the device is doing something different and charming sound effects enhance the experience. For example, if you blow into the microphone, small figurines will blow up like balloons. But do not blow too hard, they may burst! Do not underestimate the value of the picture. Help people to smile, to laugh, and if required, make them blush or reserve using the full set of images in the new application Zwink for emotional expression. The opportunity to observe the reaction, which is called emoticons Zwinkers, can be invaluable ;-) Video competition from Zwink on YouTube In honor of launching the application, users are encouraged to post on the YouTube videos where they use the application Zwink in interesting ways, and to post links to videos on Youtube on the developer's page in Facebook: Videos will be judged by the company Breadcrumbs Ltd., and the author of the most original ideas use Zwink will receive an Apple iPad. Video competition on YouTube will last for 10 days from 22 to 31 October. The winner will be announced shortly after the contest ends. Cost and compatibility: The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and is now available for free download on the App Store:.

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