Presents triple-core processor for smartphones - Cell phones

Presents triple-core processor for smartphones - Cell phonesAmerican Marvell introduced the world's first triple-core processor for smartphones and tablets. The frequency of the chip Armada 628 is 1.5 GHz, according to an official press release. The processor will be able to support playback of 3D video standard high-definition (1080p). When this core smartphone developed on the ARM architecture. It is noted that two cores will work with a frequency of 1.5 GHz. The third core will have a frequency of 624 megahertz and will provide a mode of reduced power consumption. Due to this, manufacturers will be able to reduce the battery consumption of the devices based on the new chip compared to dual-core chips. This third core will be able to handle basic tasks and will be responsible for managing the system. Thus, if the third core will not be able to handle the job, will automatically connect two resources 1,5-gigahertzes nuclei. The developers expect that devices based on the new chip will be able to play HD video for 10 hours on a single battery charge. The chips will be equipped with USB 3.0 and will work with RAM DDR3. The cost of the chip, and the date of its entrance to the market is not yet called. At the same time, Marvell is ready to provide the first samples of the Armada 628 device manufacturers..

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