The UAE authorities to ban BlackBerry services - Cell phones

The UAE authorities to ban BlackBerry services - Cell phonesThe UAE authorities have decided to ban in the country some services of BlackBerry smartphones. This decision will come into force in October 2010, reports Reuters. In particular, the owners of smartphones canadian company RIM will not be able to work with the email client, Internet browser and Messenger service. The BlackBerry smartphones in the country, Smoking will not be. It is noted that the UAE authorities took this decision due to the fact that they do not have access to the encrypted data that is transmitted with the help of smartphones. Thus, the government concluded that the communicators are a danger to national security. The ban is temporary and will be cancelled after the canadian company will develop a solution that will give the authorities access to the data transmitted by the users. Only UAE smartphones canadian company uses about half a million people. However, most of them chose BlackBerry for support encryption functions. This technology provides users with the ability to work with corporate email..

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