Staff BBC News wrote spyware - Cell phones

Staff BBC News wrote spyware - Cell phonesMembers of the British broadcasting Corporation BBC News as an experiment created a game for smartphones, secretly gathers information about the device owner. The application was created using standard development tools. The whole game took one and a half thousand lines of code, of which spy "bookmark" had 250. It was loaded on one of the phones, but did not send in the app store. Similar experiments in the BBC News put not for the first time. So, in March 2009, the leading TV shows BBC Click, acting in concert with experts, has infected nearly 22 thousand computers specially designed Trojan. Computers have become victims of "infection", was given the command to send spam messages on two test addresses. After a few hours there came several thousand letters. In addition, computers have spent a DDoS attack on pre-prepared for this server. For the latest offline was just 60 cars. According to reports published in the June survey, at least several thousand applications for the Android mobile operating system are potentially unsafe. According to analysts from the company's Mobile Systems, every fifth application asks for permission to use information that could fall into the wrong hands..

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