Garbage trucks will be equipped with GLONASS - Cell phones

Garbage trucks will be equipped with GLONASS - Cell phonesRussian Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov proposed to equip the garbage navigation satellite system GLONASS, allowing you to control the routes of the vehicles. "I think, then environmental issues in Russia will be solved much more successful than it is now," said Sergei Ivanov. According to him, today there are numerous instances when the garbage trucks doing their job, they do not go on the official site have to dump the garbage, and the nearest forest, because it's faster and more convenient". Vice Prime Minister noted that currently GLONASS equipped vehicles in the Federal and regional ownership. He also noted that the new system has not yet reached the commercial sector. "The question turns on the backwardness of our microelectronics, production of chipsets, based on which to create any navigation device. Over the solution actively work with the government and private capital, in particular AFK "System", - said Sergey Ivanov. He predicted, most likely, already in the end of 2012, the system will actively implemented in the commercial sector. However, today in several Russian cities is the introduction of GLONASS on public transportation, utilities and construction machinery, cars, owned by local authorities. As reported, the mass use of equipment GLONASS in Russia will begin next year. Such a statement at the meeting with Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin made the main shareholder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sistema Vladimir Yevtushenkov. According to him, GLONASS can be used in many areas associated with everyday life. For example, is currently developing the intellectual transport system of Moscow, which will reduce congestion, to improve the transport situation in the city. In addition, the GLONASS system is already connected more than 20 thousand police cars. Using this instrument has been revealed almost two hundred crimes. Today is also developed transport and logistics scheme of the Sochi Olympics. "We did a pilot project, it was approved. And some trucks that operate in Sochi, equipped with our receivers. We're going to the Olympics to translate almost all the vehicles that will be involved in it, fully equipment GLONASS receivers," said Yevtushenkov. He also stressed that GLONASS will significantly reduce road deaths. "There are so-called "Golden hour". If there is no urgent medical aid in an accident, then 56% die before the arrival of the forces of emergency and ambulance. Equipment of vehicles GPS receivers would significantly reduce the death rate in road accidents, speeding up 30% arrival to the place of incident response force," said Vladimir Yevtushenkov. It was also reported that the Ministry of transport is preparing a law prohibiting the release of vehicles used for public purposes, not equipped with GLONASS. About this Russian Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov said during the inspection, the regional Centre for space services in Kazan. He said that under the act is subject, including road engineering. The Deputy Prime Minister also noted that "the Federal program is not provided for expenditure on equipment vehicles used for state needs, with GLONASS". "However, some ministries have seen the benefits of this and began to purchase equipment independently," he said. Ivanov also said that he got an offer to equip vehicles carrying dangerous goods, GLONASS, and promised to think about it. In Tatarstan, where the GLONASS system implemented almost everywhere, saving on fuel for state vehicles amounted to 200 thousand rubles. Including reduced maintenance costs, 10% optimized managers. Previously Director General of the Federal network operator JSC "Navigation-information systems" (NIS) Alexander Gurko was stated that the Lada Kalina and Lada Priora", serially equipped with a dual-system satellite car navigation GLONASS/GPS chipsets Russian developments, will go on sale in the second half of 2011. It is expected that the cost of the car with a navigation function will be approximately ten times lower than the same GPS system installed on the cars of foreign manufacture..

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