Platformer Super Meat Boy will not appear on the Wii - Cell phones

Platformer Super Meat Boy will not appear on the Wii - Cell phonesIndie Studio Team Meat, who created "the most hardcore independent platformer" in 2010, Super Meat Boy, refused to release the Wii version. The original project was published in the console Xbox Live Arcade in October S., and online distribution of Steam at the end of November. Next in line was the Wii (console network WiiWare), but because of the severe restrictions imposed Nintendo, developers refused "porting". "That was held WiiWare release, the size distribution should not exceed 40 MB. We cut everything we could have abandoned the greater part of the music, but further reduce the project's simply impossible," said the developers. Until the last moment Team Meat was in talks with Nintendo to modify conditions of release or at least to divide the project into two parts, but alas... "to Produce a normal disk edition too, lamented the authors of the game. Despite the widespread rave reviews in the press and the incredible popularity of the project, three major publishers have said that they will not give money for his release.".

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