The second episode Starsraft II will be released in early 2012 - Cell phones

The second episode Starsraft II will be released in early 2012 - Cell phonesRelease of Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm is not necessary to wait until 2012, said project Manager Greg Canessa (Greg Canessa). As you know, Blizzard has decided to split the real-time strategy Starcraft II on three episodes. First - Wings of Liberty was released on PC and Macs" July 27. According to the publisher, in the first month sold over 3 million copies. In General, it is clear: the public reveled in the release, and is now waiting for the continuation. And it will have to wait a year and a half. At least. "According to our plans, the next episode of Starcraft II will appear in the next 18 months," strictly besieged participants of the Banquet Mr. Canessa. In other words, the celebration will continue in April 2012. In Wings of Liberty, recall, we told the story of a Terran. First, the rebellion broke out, with the aim to overthrow the Emperor Mengsk; secondly, intensified the Zerg; finally, there is information about a mysterious artifact Protocol. And it all ended the encounter with the Queen of Blades (aka Karigan). What will happen next? - Learn in Heart of the Swarm. In this episode we promise campaign for Zerg..

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