China has established a prototype organic computer Cell phones

China has established a prototype organic computer Cell phonesThe memory of the electronic device may be significantly increased in the organic data storage systems that use non-binary, and ternary principle of recording information. A working prototype of this device has already been created in China. While to record information on a "disk" only once, but scientists are working on improving the prototype. The binary system records information in a sequence of zeros and ones, and the ternary system records data in the form of zero, one and two, which in the chip are electrical conditions. This system allows you to store much more information per unit volume and is currently prototypes ternary entries already exist at the experimental level. The new system, developed by scientists from Hongwei GU (Hongwei Gu) and Gumnaam Liu Jianmei Lu) from the University of Suco in Eastern China, is a kind of sandwich of organic compounds between the electrodes of aluminum and indium oxide. Each electrode serves as a storage device, working on the same principle as namagnichivaemost sectors on the hard disk. When voltage is applied, the intensity of the electron flow in azosoedinenii changes, leading to a low, medium or high conductivity. This, in turn, corresponds to a state of zero, one and two. Earlier American scientists tried to create rewritable device for storing information in the ternary code on an inorganic basis, however, Chinese scientists have decided to use an organic material. At this stage of development of the information recording can be performed only once, but the researchers hope to circumvent this difficulty..

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