2011 will be the heyday of the tablet - Cell phones

2011 will be the heyday of the tablet - Cell phonesAlmost a year ago, at CES, everyone was talking about tablets and smartbooks - budget mobile devices. They had to be the perfect solution for the Internet that people spend as much time on watching TV. However, in 2010, these devices have not appeared on the market. Instead, the main event of the year was the dizzying success of the Apple iPad tablet. According to Gartner forecast in 2010 will be sold 19.5 million tablets, of which about 80% of them have an iPad, which is not surprising, since most of the year the Apple tablet no competitors. Only a little over a month ago on the market of a new competitor for the Samsung Galaxy Tab which has sold more than 1 million and took second place in the tablet market. In the following year, according to Gartner, sales of tablets will jump to 54.8 million units and reached 154 million in 2013. Analysts attribute the small number of tablets (except for local products) with no software. IOS resists software platform Google Android. However, Google preclude the use of existing OS versions (2.1, 2.2, 2.3) devices, the dimensions of which exceed the dimensions of the smartphone. Tablet has a 7-inch screens, based on a special version of Android OS - Android 3.0 (Gingerbread) will only be shown at CES 2011, and six months later they will be joined by 10-inch products running Android, codenamed Honeycomb, which is optimized for use in solutions with a large screen. However, Android is not the only alternative. This fall the company Research In Motion announced the device PlayBook tablet for business people on the basis of a new operating system RIM. Another operating system Google called Chrome, designed for netbooks that will run all your apps in the browser. Meanwhile, a mobile unit HP (including specialists of the Palm) is preparing to release a tablet based on webOS. As for Microsoft, it in the short term, apparently, is not going to start a war with Apple and Google. When Greg Sullivan, Manager of Microsoft products, the question was asked, is it possible to use larger Windows Phone 7 devices, he stated that the tablets should use Windows 7. That is, in the computers of the future-based OS from Microsoft will be used until Windows 7. However, one cannot ignore that Windows 7 is practically not optimized for touch control, resource-intensive (and therefore, provides the short duration of the battery life) and ultimately paid by the consumer device. Tablet war with Microsoft and other companies will start only in 2012, when the market will be Windows 8..

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