Motorola has filed patent lawsuits against Apple Cell phones

Motorola has filed patent lawsuits against Apple Cell phonesMobile phone maker Motorola has filed suit for patent infringement against Apple in two Federal court of the USA and sent a complaint to the international trade Commission (ITC), said on Wednesday the Motorola website. The claim alleges that Apple has infringed the patent rights of Motorola in the production of almost all their products, including iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch and Mac computers, as well as in the development of services MobileMe and the App Store. Among the decisions contested Motorola - wireless communication technologies, the design of antennas, transmission system e-mails, manage applications, etc. Motorola requires prohibiting further sales of these products by Apple (which is actually equivalent to a total cessation of activity of the company). Recently, the mobile market is experiencing a real fever of patent lawsuits involving the major players, and most of them are somehow involved Apple. The most continuous and widespread was the confrontation between Apple and Nokia, which started in October last year. During this time, the company exchanged several legal claims. Nokia in its lawsuit stated that ten of its patents were illegally used Apple iPhone. Apple's response in December filed a counterclaim, accusing the Finnish company in violation of 13 patents. Last week Apple first filed suit against Nokia outside the US - in the UK. In addition, Apple has filed a claim for violation 20 of its patents against manufacturer HTC mobile equipment. In violation of patent laws, Apple has managed to blame Kodak, NTP and Elan. This week the court ordered Apple to pay a record fine 625,5 million dollar company Mirror Worlds LLC for infringement of patents on the technology demonstration documents; however, Apple is contesting this decision. Nokia, according to ArsTechnica, the last time very actively defend their patents, but Apple filing lawsuits against Qualcomm, Samsung, Sharp, Toshiba, Hitachi, LG and Motorola. The patent claims to the Motorola impose not only Nokia, but Microsoft and the manufacturer of BlackBerry smartphones from RIM..

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