Amazon has removed from sale manual for pedophiles - Cell phones

Amazon has removed from sale manual for pedophiles - Cell phonesOnline store removed from sale outrageous guide for pedophiles called "the Pedophile''s Guide to Love and Pleasure: A Child-Lover's Code of Conduct", written by Philip Greaves (Phillip R Greaves). It is reported by CNN. According to a representative of Amazon drew Herdener (Drew Herdener), the reason for the removal of the lot were thousands of complaints from users and the multiple threats to boycott the resource. This Hardener didn't comment on the reasons relied upon by the online service allowing lot for sale. Earlier, the management Amazon issued a statement in support of the book: "We believe that a ban on the sale of the book because of its controversial nature is a manifestation of censorship. Amazon promotes intolerance or crime, but we support the right of people to self-select what he wants to buy". However, the book was removed from the range of Amazon in the night from Wednesday to Thursday, 11 November, after a very negative comments in her address left more than two thousand people. November 10, she was in the second hundred of the top of the Amazon bestsellers. The price of the book on the website was $ 4 79 cents. provides users with the ability to sell their own works, then get a percentage of sales. The author of the scandalous allowance Philip greaves, motivated the publication of a book that the society should understand pedophiles to treat them correctly..

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