The Internet is waiting virus attacking Cell phones

The Internet is waiting virus attacking Cell phonesAccording to the British Daily Telegraph hackers will start to spread malware it next Sunday. On the Internet there are disputes about how dangerous will the new virus. This writes the online edition of "Rosnovski". According to experts, these concerns arise quite often. And users should be careful every day of the year", because every day in the network appears more than 60 thousand malware. As the paper notes, the most serious concerns regarding failures associated with dates that occurred at the turn of the new Millennium. Then, many experts feared that in 2000, digital sensors time and all dependent equipment will malfunction. Panic all over the world have been the Stuxnet virus that reminds IR "News". A powerful computer virus attacked the infrastructure around the world, but most cases have been reported in Iran. Additional area affected was electronic equipment Bushehr nuclear power plant. Experts believe that a dangerous computer virus was specifically designed to cause havoc on Iranian nuclear facilities. This is one of the few viruses whose harmfulness is beyond computers: if he caused errors in the management of nuclear power plant, the consequences of the accident could be catastrophic..

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