The company ALTIUS SOFT has announced discounts on Cell phones

The company ALTIUS SOFT has announced discounts on Cell phonesFall 2010 the company ALTIUS SOFT" beginning with the Declaration of a special discount on the program "ALTIUS - construction Management". In the case of acquisition of additional jobs program within three months from the date of purchase PC, customers receive a discount on them at the rate of 20 %. The developer stresses that the discount is directed specifically to accelerate the implementation of the program and not to postpone it for a long time. Typically, a visual result from implementation of the program can be obtained already after 2 months after installation. To strengthen this trend and to minimize the cases associated with the pending implementation of the program, the company ALTIUS SOFTWARE offers this discount. Examining in detail the parallel implementation of the programme "ALTIUS - construction Management" and announced discounts on it, it is worth noting that in most cases, customers prefer to purchase a minimum set of jobs program and install it on the computers of leading employees. Accordingly, in the first stage, the client does not need to make a significant investment in the program, "freeze" the funds of the company. And only after the implementation of the program, in case you need to purchase new jobs software system client invests more. By purchasing the program, customers expect to start its development and implementation as early as possible to get results in the shortest possible time. Often, a number of force majeure or other circumstances (vacation of the employee responsible for the distribution of responsibilities of the users in the program, business trip or other officials or just a temporary reluctance to master the program) stop the implementation of the program for an indefinite period. In the future, after an unspecified period begins implementation of the program and work it. As practice shows, in the process of using a PC "ALTIUS - construction Management to the client comes to understand that it is necessary to purchase additional jobs program to increase the number of users who can work in it. In other words, the head of structural division understands that if, say, three or five members successfully use the program and can make its work more effective, it can be considered an established trend, which demonstrates the simplicity of the program, its effectiveness. Accordingly, the Manager believes that the rest of the staff should learn from the example of their colleagues, but this requires the purchase of additional jobs PC. The company ALTIUS SOFTWARE has considered and reviewed the above scenario and concluded that the long program implementation for both client and company is undesirable. "For us it is important to buy the program was effective. The faster the client will begin the implementation of the program, the faster it will be able to see how effective the program for the enterprise. Discount of 20 % on additional jobs program, in my opinion, is a good tool. Now many customers are pleased with this news and say that "such discounts are not lying on the road". We can say that the sooner the client will launch and work in the program, the cheaper, in the end, it will be for him," - said General Director of company "ALTIUS SOFT" Andrew Travkin..

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