Social network MySpace will redesign - Cell phones

Social network MySpace will redesign - Cell phonesMySpace, the fourth most popular social network in the world, intends to conduct a comprehensive redesign in the hope of keeping their users and to withstand competition from Facebook and Twitter. Once the world's largest social network plans to focus on entertainment services intended for audiences aged 13 to 35 years (known in the U.S. as "generation Y"). "Over time, MySpace has become very broad and its members ceased to understand, what is it", - said the President of the social network Michael Jones in an interview with the Wall Street Journal. Having lost its former popularity, MySpace began to position itself as a service for musicians and their fans. According to Jones, more than 120 million users of the social network visit the site in order to listen to music and share about her opinions with their friends and talk about movies or television shows. He noted that in the updated MySpace this functionality will significantly simplify and extra services will be removed. "Our goal is social entertainment", - stressed the President founded in 2003, MySpace and added that the social network now is going to be a competitor to Facebook, but as an addition to it. "Niche players more resilient," concluded Jones. The article notes that in the updated MySpace, many ideas will be borrowed from Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare (soccerwise for mobile devices). For example, those users who are more likely to create playlists and comment on the movies, will receive virtual badges, and their references will be given a more prominent color. The new "face" of MySpace and improved functionality will be implemented gradually, until the end of November 2010. The social network aims to improve and the technical side of the site to make future updates more quickly. In the summer of 2010 MySpace, owned by the media company, News Corporation Rupert Murdoch, announced plans to cut nearly 30% of employees and to integrate its services with Facebook. According to comScore in September of this year, MySpace (with attendance of 95 million) ranks fourth in popularity among all social services..

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