LiveJournal has launched the blogosphere digest - Cell phones

LiveJournal has launched the blogosphere digest - Cell phonesLiveJournal 28 September launched a media project LJTimes, through which users can view the most interesting writing LJ. This is stated in the press release LiveJournal sent to the editor "of the". Daily LJ appears to 150 thousand new posts. Special automatic system selects potentially relevant and important ones. Then the resulting set of sorts and filters the team of professional editors, choosing the best posts. The last and fall in LJTimes. It is expected that LJTimes will take account not only of the popular, but yet little-known blogs. In the collapsed state LJTimes is a located in the bottom of the screen line, which shows the last interesting titles. Blocks of these posts are updated every ten minutes. Clicking on the red asterisk on the line, you can discover LJTimes full screen. LJTimes consists of four blocks. In the "Main" publish materials related to the theme of the day, as well as the positions of the sections "Stories", "Travel", "GGG" and "Technology". In "LIVE" - the newest and interesting posts. In the Picture LJ is the best illustrations found by editors using automatic systems in the Cyrillic part of LiveJournal. Block Top LJ", in turn, consists of a rating of record based on the number of visitors. To use LJTimes can both registered and unregistered users. Thus, the project will reach 22 million Russian-speaking readers LJ and 4 million bloggers from the Cyrillic segment of the service. The new project did not like the part of bloggers, so they recommend to disable in the settings all the services for the Cyrillic part of the LJ. The press service LiveJournal about this note that users coming this way, deprive yourself of many opportunities. The option to disable LJTimes will appear in the next iteration of the project, when it will become clear how the new service will load the servers LJ..

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