The poles have released a Communist version of "Monopoly" - Cell phones

The poles have released a Communist version of The Polish Institute of national heritage has released the Communist version of the popular Board game "Monopoly", according to Polskie Radio Dla Zagranicy. The game, called "the Turn", aims to raise awareness of Polish young people about life in the country under the Communist regime. Rules "Queue" similar to the rules of the game "Monopoly", however, their fundamental difference lies in the fact that buying certain things in the Polish version of the game will be fraught with great difficulties, because the player will have to stand in line. As things are going to buy will not be assets and events, and products and necessities. So, players "Queue" have to buy shoes, toilet paper, furniture, coffee and other things. To be able to purchase a particular item, the player will have to stand as close to the counter of a store or warehouse. In the game you may find that the store suddenly closed or the things in the warehouse suddenly ended. As the authors of the project, with a new game Polish youth will be able to understand "what it's like to spend hours standing in line to come to the store too late or miss their turn, who suddenly wedged in front of you". It is expected that "All" will go on sale in Poland in February 2011. The results will be released three thousand copies of the game. "All" will accompany the documentary film telling about the economy of communism..

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