Service Vkontakte thrilled users of Mobile phones

Service Vkontakte thrilled users of Mobile phonesFierce debate unfolded in the vastness of the popular social network "Vkontakte". The subject of the discussions that have already spilled outside the scope of this website, was the innovation of its creators - interface microblog. A new feature, and with it a new appearance of the page the user came to the site "Vkontakte" on Wednesday. Now instead of the usual wall, where other users can leave other various messages and gifts, as well as the status line, appeared microblog, which combines both of these functions. "Since the launch of the first version of the Microblog in August of this year the service was unrecognizable. On the pages of users was introduced more than 30 improvements, so share the news with friends and discuss them became easier. Microblog similar to the old wall, but much more progressive in terms of design and functionality. So today we turn this mode for all pages. The resources that we spend on support for legacy versions of the wall, we will focus on the development of new features," he wrote in the news section Vkontakte founder of the website Pavel Durov. Head of social network suggested that the innovation will not like it all. This became clear last summer, when the developers of the site conducted the first test of the microblog, and the vast majority of users voted against the changes. "For the most active users of Vkontakte transition goes undetected because about 70% already enabled Microblog in the Settings. At the same time, some conservatives the new system the first few days may seem unfamiliar and therefore uncomfortable. However, I have no doubt that before the end of this week, even the most conservative users will not be able to imagine their pages without all the modern features," said Durov. However, the Creator of "Vkontakte" could not assume how intense controversy will cause changes. On the first day after the introduction of the microblog social network appeared several groups, which discussed the novelty and encouraged others to take one side or the other in this matter. Many fans network microblog liked, others said that it is not very convenient, but made creative and fresh, and so they will try to get used to it. Still others took the stance of confrontation and persistently demanded the return of "the wall". In one of the groups created by the opponents of innovations have already registered more than half a million users. A huge number of comments appeared on the wall in the account of the Durov. Until the powers in this confrontation were distributed in an unequal way: against the new service said more users than "for". However, the management of the site, it seems, is not going to retreat into their development plans of the social network..

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