Version of MeeGo received support smartphones - Cell phones

Version of MeeGo received support smartphones - Cell phonesDevelopers of mobile operating system MeeGo said on Thursday on the official website about the new release of Meego 1.1; the main new feature is support for smartphones. Linux-based operating system MeeGo is a joint project of Nokia and Intel. Nokia plans to release a multimedia N-series smartphones on this OS. The currently available version of MeeGo for smartphones, netbooks, and automotive computer systems (In-Vehicle Infotainment). The new version of MeeGo contains updates to all major system components - kernel, the graphics subsystem the platform for building Qt applications. Active work is underway on a new file system BrtFS, which is different from the Ext traditional for Linux, better performance and more efficient use of solid state (SSD) drives. However, at the moment BrtFS is not considered stable enough for everyday use. The main innovation Meego 1.1 - introduction of a special version for smartphones. So, owners of the Nokia N900 had the opportunity to try a new OS on their devices. However, Nokia representatives warn that this version is not yet considered stable enough for constant use. As for netbooks, MeeGo still has some limitations, due to which it is difficult to recommend normal users. The main problem is the lack of apps and support most multimedia codecs, as well as a number of popular programs such as Skype. In addition, since MeeGo is under active development, updates coming for her, under certain conditions, can be partially or totally disrupt the system. However, the basic technology MeeGo available in many popular versions of Linux. On the basis of the OpenSuSE operating system developed by Smeegol, which adapts technology MeeGo for daily work (and has support for multiple applications). Also MeeGo will support another popular version of Linux Fedora. The release of Fedora 14 with support for Meego will be held on 2 November 2010. The next version - MeeGo 1.2 will be released in April 2011. According to the developers, in the future version will be even more expanded support for smartphones. Soon it is expected the plan for the development of future versions and the list of innovations that developers intend to implement..

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