Square Enix will remake Final Fantasy XIV Online Cell phones

Square Enix will remake Final Fantasy XIV Online Cell phonesThe company Square Enix intends to make major changes to the multiplayer game Final Fantasy XIV Online. This was stated by the President of the company EITI WADA at the shareholders ' meeting Square Enix November 4, andriasang reports with reference to the Japanese newspaper Mainichi. Earlier it became known that the company is preparing two updates for Final Fantasy XIV. The first will be released in late November 2010, the second in mid-December 2010. Updates will affect the interface of the game, battles, market, quests, as well as the balance between classes. The decision to change the game was made by the government Square Enix after Final Fantasy XIV has been criticized by the specialized press. Journalists noted the uncomfortable interface, high complexity, and shared some weaknesses in the game. The rating of the project on reviews aggregator GameRankings is 49 percent lower estimates did not receive one game of the series. Arguing about the necessity of changes in Final Fantasy XIV, WADA complained that players expect from the multiplayer too much. The head of Square Enix assured the shareholders that will be taken every effort to restore the confidence of the players. Also the President of Square Enix said that in total, the stores were shipped 630 thousand copies of the game. Of these, 190 thousand copies had on Japan, 210 thousand copies went to North America and 230 thousand copies in Europe. The launch of Final Fantasy XIV was held on 22 September 2010. On this day, the game server has been opened for owners of collector's edition games. September 30, 2010, the game was able to enter those who bought the regular edition. At the moment, Final Fantasy XIV is available only on personal computers. It will be released on the PlayStation 3 in March 2011. It was also reported the existence of a version of the game for the Xbox 360. As it became known, work on it was suspended because Square Enix could not agree with Microsoft on the modalities of operation of the game within the online Xbox Live service. Final Fantasy XIV is the second multiplayer game in the series. In 2002 was published in Japan Final Fantasy XI Online. In America the game became available in 2003, and in Europe in 2004..

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