Fake antivirus leaves the computer without protection - Mobile phones

Fake antivirus leaves the computer without protection - Mobile phonesSymantec warns of new Trojan, through which intruders install in the web user's PC fake antivirus. Once on the potential victim machine, the Trojan displays a message about the detection of non-certified anti-virus products, which can cause system damage. Next, you are prompted to uninstall these packages; and whatever action you choose, established remedies will still be deleted. The Trojan is able to detect and destroy the security instruments such companies as Microsoft, AVG, PC Tools, Zone Labs, etc. Then on the PC installs fake antivirus AnVi Antivirus, immediately alert supposedly found infections. To clean the system and offered to pay the authors AnVi Antivirus some money. In addition, malware can disable certain security protocols are implemented in the browser, and perform other unauthorized actions..

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