The Opera browser has got the support extensions - Cell phones

The Opera browser has got the support extensions - Cell phonesNorwegian company Opera has just introduced the first alpha version of Opera 11 for personal computers. The main new feature is support for extensions. Users will be able to install additional software modules that add a certain functionality. So far it was only possible with widgets and Opera Unite applications running on top of the browser. Developers can create extensions on the same web standards that are used in the production of web sites and web applications, in particular HTML5 and JavaScript. In this case, said Opera, a small change in the code will allow you to port on Opera 11 additions, previously developed for other web browsers. In the extensions directory of the Opera are only those applications that have received special inspection and testing. This provides protection from unwanted modules and malware. Among other changes in Opera 11 mentions increased productivity, improved compatibility with modern web standards and new panel e-mail..

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