Computer and mobile phone - key "facilities of the 21st century" - Cell phones

Computer and mobile phone - key All-Russian center for public opinion research (VTSIOM) conducted a survey of 1,6 thousand Russians, dedicated to figuring out what the Russians recognize the main "convenience of the 21st century", has made a deliberate manner. Telephone (73%) and computer (53%) were those inventions that changed the lives of people in the 21st century. Third in the ranking of the recognized vehicle (51%). The most important discoveries also include the Internet (42%) and TV (39%). For ten years the value of these inventions has increased. First of all, it concerns the mobile phone - from 8% to 73%. Meanwhile, the Russians recognize that the computer has adverse health effects. So, 80% agree with the idea that it is harmful to eyesight, and 74% believe that it has greater adverse effect on children. It is noteworthy that the owners of computers convinced more than those who do not..

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