Impressions of Kinect - Cell phones

Impressions of Kinect - Cell phonesIn the summer of 2009 at the E3 Microsoft unveiled a device that later became known as Kinect. It was announced that it will allow people to become controllers and play without gamepads, joysticks and even without remotes with motion sensors. Actually, the idea of recognition of gestures in games is not new, but nobody had taken to implement it on the same scale as Microsoft. For one and a half years after the announcement of Kinect, wrote about it and talked all sorts of things. Now, when the sensor went on sale, and we have provided a network of shops "M. Video", it is time to put an end to the gossip. Device First of all, let brief educational program. Kinect is a rectangular device with multiple cameras and a microphone. It attaches to the Xbox 360 and tells her about the movements in front of people and on their position in space. Also Kinect responds to specific voice commands. The optimal distance for interaction with the sensor is two to three meters. If during the game to come to Kinect too close or, conversely, to deviate too far from it, in the corner of the screen will immediately be notified. Screenshot menu Kinect. Click on the picture to enlarge Screenshot menu Kinect. Click on the picture to enlarge During sensor calibration demonstrates the principles of his work. Kinect creates a schematic depiction of those who are before him, noting the head, arms, legs and torso. Then he just tracks the movement of each body part. On the Western sites was reported that in certain cases the sensor flatly refused to recognize people in front of him. In the process of testing the device, we did not encounter any technical difficulties. Unlike the PlayStation Move motion controller, the sensor cannot be used to navigate through the main menu of the console. The Kinect has its own menu, which is called a greeting with a wave. To select a particular option, you need within seconds to keep the cursor. Around the cursor there is a circle that is filled in a clockwise direction. To put the game on pause, you need to lift your left arm at a 45 degree angle and, again, to wait for the fill of the circle. Perhaps the most common speculation about Kinect is the delay between the Commission of a movement and its simulation on the screen. Even just before you start the device, the exhibition "IgroMir 2010", some journalists spoke about the delay in games with the sensor. We hasten to dispel fears - Kinect recognizes movements quickly and accurately. If there is any delay, it is completely invisible. Yes and on the same "IgroMir" Microsoft officials have emphasized that the Kinect is 70 percent "soft" and only 30 percent of the hardware. It is quite possible that in the future the sensor will work even better. The recommended retail price for Kinect is 7999 rubles. The cost of the sets of sensor and Xbox 360 varies depending on the size of the built in console memory. Included for 15990 rubles Xbox 360 has 4 gigabytes of memory, and bundled for 17990 rubles to 250 gigabytes of memory. Games Complete with Kinect gave us three games: Kinect Adventures, Kinect Joy Ride and Kinectimals. Their specificity is clear already from the titles. By the way, all Kinect games come in cases purple, rather than the standard Xbox 360 green, the name of the sensor is next to the name of the platform, so in addition to the cover is die with a warning about the necessity of the sensor. At all desire to confuse "normal" games with games for Kinect will not work. Kinect Adventures is a collection of mini-games in "extreme" theme. It comes with Kinect in any configuration, with the console without it. Just a mini-game five, but each has several variations. Competition in Kinect Adventures are divided into active and quiet. An example of active games - descent of turbulent flow in a rubber boat. The boat can be directed to the right and to the left, tilting the body in the desired direction. Another boat, oddly enough, jumps. Jump has almost constantly, and if accurately calculate steps, you can climb all the way to the clouds. Another active mini-game - race among the mountains. There is a platform that rolls on the rails. It can be accelerated by jumping. On the way platform spaced obstacles, from which you want to avoid. Somewhere just step to the side, somewhere you want to jump somewhere to duck.

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