The output of the first newspaper for iPad delayed - Cell phones

The output of the first newspaper for iPad delayed - Cell phonesThe global media company News Corporation Rupert Murdoch has postponed the publication of the newspaper The Daily, designed specifically for the iPad. It is reported by The Guardian. According to the newspaper, News Corporation and Apple are working together on the project, has cancelled the launch of The Daily, previously scheduled for January 19. It was assumed that Rupert Murdoch and CEO of Apple Steve jobs will personally present the paper at the Museum of modern art in San Francisco. The Guardian notes that Apple may be working on the changes in iTunes that will allow you to write on it a subscription to The Daily. Due to the changes the system will automatically collect from users of The Daily, weekly and monthly fee. Now in iTunes, the user has to pay for the content each time it is loaded. News Corporation has hired more than 100 journalists to work on The Daily, which will be geared toward the younger audience. Media Company, News Corp., as you know, is a proponent of imposing a charge for access to the sites of its publications. In the summer of 2010, the company did pay the online version of the British editions of The Times and the Sunday Times. The company also owns The Wall Street Journal, access to the site which is partially paid. The iPad was officially launched in January 2010. They went on sale in the U.S. in April. By the end of 2010, Apple has sold about 8 million iPads..

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