Sony said the schedule of the European PSP releases - Cell phones

Sony said the schedule of the European PSP releases - Cell phonesPublisher Square Enix has decided to schedule releases of PSP games localized for Europe. The exact schedule to speak, of course, not necessary, but you, dear friends, should rejoice at the fact of ongoing localization. It is reported that the game will be released in the period from February 2011 to end of may. No, this is not the work of the insane, and the only game Lord of Arcana. So, first on the shelves of avtomagazinov appears action Lord of Arcana. We, the unknown hero, we will fight with monsters of different shapes, sizes and severity. The story takes place in a fantastic world Gorodin, where the characters, reducing the population of monsters, trying to get access to some powerful force, hidden in the magic stone. Second in line is a hybrid of tactical strategy and ARPG Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, the release of which should be "almost immediately after the release of Lord of Arcana". Then, in March-April 2011, the fans will wait for the output ARPG Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. Well, the watch will be a third person shooter The 3rd Birthday - the continuation of the series Parasite Eve. The exact date will likely be announced at the beginning of the new year..

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