Hackers continue to avenge WikiLeaks - Cell phones

Hackers continue to avenge WikiLeaks - Cell phonesOn Monday, the site of a large American Bank Bank Of America (BoA) was subjected to a cyber attack that resulted in periodic interruptions in the availability of the resource. Attack of the hackers, believed to be revenge for the refusal of the Bank to work with WikiLeaks. In October, the founder of revelatory resource Julian assange has said that his possession is 5 GB of confidential information owned by Bank Of America. Later it became known that the Bank Of America registers domain names containing the names of top managers of the Bank - presumably to protect themselves from the attacks that will follow after the publication of the WikiLeaks documents. Previously, in December, attacks were the sites of many companies and organizations, refused to work with WikiLeaks. Anonymous hackers have already revenged sites PayPal, Visa and MasterCard, who refused to accept payments for WikiLeaks. Possible future victims of hackers can be sites and other large organizations that refused cooperation with WikiLeaks. Among them, for example, may be Apple, removed from the online store App Store to read the materials on the site on the iPhone..

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