"Yandex" has launched a new search algorithm - Cell phones

"Yandex" has launched a new search algorithm. New search engine was called "Krasnodar", according to a press release received by the editors "Tape.ru". In the new version of the search engine "Yandex" is the technology Spectrum. One of the key features of the technology is showing responses to user queries based on the statistics of clicks on the links of other users. Thus, Yandex will analyze what are the links often crossed users who performed identical queries. These statistics will allow search engines to automatically modify the grant for the following users. Yandex expects that with this technology, users will be able to get more relevant links with the introduction of queries. In particular, using the "Range" will be improved display of search results based on incomplete or implicit requests. For example, if the query is "sushi" users will be able to obtain the addresses of restaurants offer this dish, as well as links to recipes for making sushi at home. While higher in the results will be those links that are in great demand by users of the search engine. The previous version of the search algorithm "Yandex" called "Obninsk" was released in September 2010. Note that the name of the search engine "Yandex" uses the principle of the game in the city. As "Obninsk" ended with the letter "K", the following program began with that letter. And "Obninsk" was preceded by the program "Konakovo"..

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