In Russia began selling the phone with "jumping" screen - Cell phones

In Russia began selling the phone with Just5 is the only brand of mobile electronics with "Russian roots" are widely available in the markets of Europe, Asia, America. In the year since the release of the brand on the market, phones with large buttons brand Just5 successfully "appears" to markets in 33 countries, 22 of the device sold under its own brand, even at 11 - under the brands of mobile operators. Including device Just5 presents one of the most competitive markets with high "input" barriers - American. Since November 2010, the Just5 phones are presented in one of the largest retail chains electronics USA - Fry s Electronics. The company has received the necessary certificates to start selling its products in the retail market of America. By November 2010 products Just5 also presents 100 of the largest online stores, including TigerDirect, Amazon and eBay . Ideology rapid success Just5 edition functionally simple phones, but with original, unusual appearance and functionality, design and ergonomic features that turn a simple phone trend in electronic accessory. Today Just5 announces the start of sales in Russia Just5 CP11, the third model in the line "phones with large buttons. The device was presented to the public in April 2010. His main gimmick is a monochrome screen with a diagonal of 2.36 inches, which "jumps" out of the case while pressing the two orange buttons located on lateral sides of the phone. In the folded state is visible to a third of the screen. Video demonstration Earlier phones like form factor "slider on the contrary" (not nominated keypad and display) were not represented in the lines of the world famous brands: something similar was the only phone Nokia 8910 and the legendary Samsung Matrix Phone (SPH-N270) from the movie "the Matrix - Reloaded" brothers Wachowski. It is the display mechanism is the main distinguishing characteristic of the Just5 CP11 compared with other models of the product line Just5 and any other apparatus of the class "phones with large buttons. Other unique features Just5 CP11: Charging the phone is made through a cradle - accessory practically does not occur in modern phones brands. In this case, the charger, according to tradition, made in bright orange plastic and is compatible with your device Nokia devices. - Just5 CP11 is equipped with an electronic thermometer that displays the temperature on the display apparatus. This item is also almost absent in the products of the world's leading phone brands. In Just5 CP11 retains the full set of special functions that are implemented in the previous models line - Just5 CP09 and Just5 CP10: - large keys with an area of 13 x 11 mm (the average size of the keys conventional phone - 8 x 5 mm) - large fonts in menus, character height up to 8.5 mm (average for regular phone - 5 mm) black screen with orange backlight that does not "fade" in the sun - loud speaker with hands-free operation - SOS button (activation sounding extremely loud howling sirens and simultaneously send SMS and dial preset numbers) the device lock switch is a slider, not a shortcut - led flashlight - FM radio that works without a headset Just5 CP11 presented in two colors - white and black. Since last week Just5 CP11 available for order in the corporate Internet-shop -.

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