Impressions of the new series God of War games Mobile phones

Impressions of the new series God of War games Mobile phonesAlthough Ghost of Sparta is the fifth game of God of war (crafts for mobile phones is not considered a separate issue), from the point of view of the internal chronology of the series, she was only the third. In the event it develops after Kratos has dealt with his wife, child, and Ares, but even before he met with the colossus of Rhodes. On the agenda of the main character - the fate of his brother Deimos. Looking relative, Kratos meets his mother Callisto. She tells the son that Deimos is in the realm of the dead, and then turns into a monster. Kratos comes from the mother as with most of his relatives, or simply kills it. In principle, all fans of the series God of War should be clear that at a meeting with the brother of the main character not rasplyvetsya a friendly smile, and starts furiously waving his arms. Note, however, that in the last Ghost of Sparta boss is still not Deimos. And who exactly understand themselves, in the end, the passing game will take about five hours, a maximum of seven, not so much. However, the plot longtime fans of God of War would not really care. But the gameplay is most likely very interested in, and with him, in General, everything is in order. Kratos as usual chops crowds of enemies using weapons and magic. His Arsenal was enriched with several new devices. For example, he learned how to create small black holes, entangling enemies. In addition, approximately in the middle of the game Kratos acquires Spartan spear and shield, which are used in conjunction. From enemies and chests, as before, falling sphere in three colors: green restore the health of the main character, blue - magic. The most important balls - red, they allow Kratos to improve existing skills and learn new combo attacks. Ghost of Sparta is undoubtedly one of the most perfect games for PSP from a technical point of view. Competition it may be is that a new release of Kingdom Hearts from Square Enix. The creators of RPG involving disney characters have paid enough attention to detail. The authors of the God of War another approach: they try to hit the player scale. Luggage, just palibhasa in the back of the Kratos, effectively pulls and gives to consider the whole temple complex. Some monsters are so great that simply do not fit on the screen. Just look at the first boss, the legendary Scylla. By the way, struggling with it - one of the most fascinating episodes of Ghost of Sparta. We can only regret that the nearest relative of Scylla, Charybdis, the developers of God of War forces left. But they have the strength and imagination in the planning and implementation of the terrible battle with the boss for the last five years. We are talking about Erynie, more precisely, on the stage of the battle with her, which resembles a prehistoric game Zoom. Who came up with to send Kratos in endless flight and make it to maneuver between some blurry blobs, embodying, apparently, gusts of wind? Boss battles in Ghost of Sparta is generally divided into quite fascinating and absolutely failed. The fact that the creators of God of War still put at the forefront of the so-called quick time events - a kind of mini-game, forcing the player to press buttons according to the instructions. In some cases QTE just makes life easier - for example, allows you to quickly kill any monster. But sometimes it is enough to miss the mark by a single button, and the monster will immediately kill Kratos next move. Closer to the end of the game it happens suspiciously often and, frankly, slightly annoying. Especially given the fact that the game is designed for portable console, that is, in a sense, intended for use in public transport. And in the subway, as you know, plenty of distractions. However, littered with mini-game is not the reason for the disorder. Check points are literally on every corner, and even in the midst of battles with the bosses. Something went wrong? Do not worry, you will have to replay no more than the last two minutes, and that in the worst case. God of Sparta - not the most difficult game. Therefore, in any case, do not select the lowest level of complexity, even if you are a beginner. In this mode, a new God of War in principle ceases to be similar to some test of skill. God of War is, as we know, not only the battle, but occurring from time to time puzzle. With them in Ghost of Sparta is also not okay. They are quite monotonous (in particular, pressing the panel in the floor with the help of a corpse is offered at least twice), in addition, Kratos, posted half of Olympus, is not able, it appears, to avoid 50-inch fence. Therefore, some puzzles are as follows: it is necessary to press the levers, so as soon as possible to reach the opposite corner of the room, avoiding obstacles, through which easily jumped least three. In General, Ghost of Sparta is a good shooter and a worthy continuation of the series, which will surely appeal to most fans of "God of war". The only problem is that the game makes it clear: the formula that was invented five years ago, slightly outdated. Many already QTE not seem so exciting, even if at this time Kratos on screen fights with some incredible monster. And again, the new God of War, of course, one of the most perfect games for the PSP, but the platform itself in 2010 already looks perfect..

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