Presents game Tenku no Kishi: Rodea - Cell phones

Presents game Tenku no Kishi: Rodea - Cell phonesThe Creator of the famous Sonic platformers, Yuji Naka (Yuji Naka) has announced a new project. It is reported that his Studio Prope working on the game Tenku no Kishi: Rodea, which should be out on consoles, 3DS and Wii. Release date, even approximate, of the game yet. The focus will be on the flight. The developers called his creation "air action" and say that it is very much like the game Nights into Dreams..., released by SEGA in 1996. "We always dreamed about a project that would fully reflect the limitless freedom of flight, - told the developers. - Add to this the intense action and battle with huge flying bosses, and you get Tenku no Kishi: Rodea". On the script employs a Takumi Miyajima (Takumi Miyajima) must be known to fans of games Tales of the Abyss, and Arc Rise Fantasia. Prepared according to Eurogamer..

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