October 10, will debut a smartphone Modu T Phone with Android Cell phones

October 10, will debut a smartphone Modu T Phone with Android Cell phonesIn the invitation, designed for portal Gadgety says about the upcoming press conference, which will take place on 10 October 2010 at 10 hours. The conference is an Android smartphone Modu T Phone. This new product impresses with its miniature size comparable to the size of a credit card. Modu T Phone is already an honor is considered the easiest in the world by weight of a mobile device with a touchscreen. In this model still remains a modular phone. Indeed, in its basic apparatus has only the most basic and necessary functions, at the same time samneh buildings (jackets), provided all other additions and features. According to the information shown on the teaser website, a new mobile device includes: built-in memory 2 GB, memory card slot, and support cellular 3,5 G, or of 2.75, P ( CDMA or GSM is not specified). Everything else will be purchased separately with "jackets"(cameras, sensors, keyboard, GPS and so on). About the cost Modu T Phone yet, little is known. It should be noted that the first model was a normal phone without touchscreen with multiple hosted on the case buttons. However, outside of the home market in Israel of its wide distribution, this phone never received..

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