In Taiwan developed the smallest chip memory - Cell phones

In Taiwan developed the smallest chip memory - Cell phonesTaiwanese scientists have made a breakthrough in the development of microchips. They managed to create a memory chip RRAM (resistive random access memory) size of only 9 nm. New capacity is 20 times more information in comparison with the flash cards used in most cameras and cell phones. In addition, the chip requires 200 times less energy compared to standard devices. New technology allows you to "fit" on a 1 sq cm to 500 GB of data. The capacity of the memory module can be increased up to 1.5 TB that will save 200 hours of video, 100 thousand songs or millions of photos and documents. Unfortunately, the products are equipped with the new RRAM memory, will be available not earlier than in 5-10 years, according to Taiwan Today..

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