Civilization Network will be released in early 2011 - Cell phones

Civilization Network will be released in early 2011 - Cell phonesExecutive Director of Take-Two's Strauss Zelnick (Strauss Zelnick) pleased the audience, "hanging" in social networks and knowledgeable, who Led the "Grandfather" Meyer. (By the way, is there such?) It became known that the release of turn-based strategy Civilization Network production Firaxis will take place in early 2011. The platform the game is wonderful - the social network Facebook, you have to lead your nation to world domination and prosperity can be any device having access to the Network. Even with a fridge. Even with a flashlight. Even with toothpicks, Yes. The game traditionally for a system of Facebook, will be distributed free of charge. To pay (and optional) is necessary only for the extra bonuses and features. Just in case for neophytes from "Facebook": the announcement of the game took place in October last year. "When you are finished with Civilization Revolution, I was looking for new ways of development of the world Civilization, thought how to extend the single-player cooperative mode and social features," said then Mr. Meyer. Well, the result of the efforts of the new Civilization that will enable together with friends on converteu to create "the most rich, smart and powerful state". For example, some Nigeria in the snow. Prepared according to Eurogamer..

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