Invented the vacuum cleaner spherical shape - Cell phones

Invented the vacuum cleaner spherical shape - Cell phonesIt is unlikely there will be many people who like the process of cleaning the house. It is for these lazy people, like you, manufacturers of gadgets all the time create new robotic vacuum cleaners. This giant ball is also a concept of a robotic vacuum cleaner, which, in theory, would be to clean the whole house while you are playing video games. This ball called Dust Ball will roll on the floor of your home, driven by an internal motor, which moves the center of gravity to the ball rolled. When the battery of the ball is discharged, the robot cleaner automatically returns to base to recharge. When the container of this ball will be filled completely, the ball will stop and begin to glow. Beautiful concept, but there are a lot of questions about its functionality. It is unlikely that the ball will be able to collect dust under the sofa or in the corner of the room. That's why these robotic vacuum cleaners and remain just a beautiful concepts..

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