New Medal of Honor has set a record for pre-orders - Cell phones

New Medal of Honor has set a record for pre-orders - Cell phonesNew Medal of Honor has surpassed all the previous parts of the series by the number of pre-orders, reports GameSpot. However, the exact volume publisher Electronic Arts has not published; his representatives said that the demand for Medal of Honor comparable to the demand for other popular games in the action genre. Shooter Medal of Honor will go on sale on October 13, 2010. The game is being developed for personal computers and consoles PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Above it are two studios: Danger Close is responsible for single mode, and DICE for multiplayer. In July, the game was in the center of the scandal. When it became clear that in multiplayer you can play for fighters of the Taliban, the British defence Secretary Liam Fox (Liam Fox) has made an appeal to prevent the ingress of games on sale. In early September it became known that Medal of Honor was banned on military bases the United States..

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