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Darkspore, a new game Maxis, will appear at the end of March - Cell phones

Darkspore, a new game Maxis, will appear at the end of March - Cell phoneson March 29, 2011 out game Darkspore is a new project developers from Maxis and publisher Electronic Arts. The game will appear on the PC and the Macintosh. In Maxis Darkspore called "online science-fiction role-playing action game" and say that during development was inspired by the editor beings, which debuted in evolution simulator Spore. And "breathtaking battles" of the action-RPG Diablo. The plot of novelty does not Shine, but it is what it is: an advanced race of Cogenitor created genetically mutated the Darkspore. But creation out of control and now threaten to destroy the entire galaxy. The hero must find new genetic improvement, to quickly evolve and engage in effective fight with the mutants..

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