Women prefer iPhone, men "guglofony" - Cell phones

Women prefer iPhone, men When choosing to buy your next smartphone women prefer Apple iPhone, while men are "smart" mobile phones based on the Google Android operating system. According to a study conducted in October of this year, 31% of ladies want to buy a new device on the iOS platform, and 22.8% are interested in "gugliano". In turn, the "hook" on the Android operating system prefers 32.6% of men, while 28.6 per cent of them want to buy "Apple" device. This is stated in the report of the research group Nielsen Corp. From the point of view of the share of the smartphone market between the iPhone and BlackBerry fixed "statistical tie" - both platforms (iOS and BlackBerry OS) occupy about 27% of this market. Second place hold its Android smartphones with 22%, the third device based on Microsoft Windows Mobile (14%). Symbian, Linux, and Palm holds less than 8% of the market, the report said. Experts Nielsen emphasize that the most desirable to purchase smartphones have become the iPhone and Android - these devices want to buy the 35 and 28%, respectively. Third place - BlackBerry OS (13%), fourth - Windows Mobile (6%). Apple's iOS has become the most desired operating system in each age group, except one, which is from 35 to 54 years. Users of this age prefer "Google phone" (27,4%), and not the iPhone (26,3%). The report notes that 29.7% of mobile phone users in the U.S. have a smartphone (highest to date), says PCMag..

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