Apple has achieved a ban on the sale of counterfeit iPhone - Cell phones

Apple has achieved a ban on the sale of counterfeit iPhone - Cell phonesApple has managed to achieve a final ban on the manufacture in China smartphones M8, which in appearance are very similar to the popular "Apple" iPhone. Previously the head of the Chinese Meizu Jack Wong has managed to agree with Apple is just about to cease production of new smartphones M8, but now this prohibition applies to the sale of any models that are in the stores. In the opposite case, the national Department for the protection of the intellectual property office (SIPO) had to close all the factories Meizu handset production. Moreover, it would put at risk the release of a new model - M9. The release of these devices is scheduled for December 2010. The design of the M9, using a heavily modified version of Android OS, already markedly different from Apple products. This step, according to Jack Wong, would Meizu on the brink of disaster. Although the official cause of the "freezing" of sales of the M8 is not called, Apple CEO Steve jobs in an email said that the Chinese manufacturer has stolen our ideas and intellectual property," writes our Electronista. Internet publication notes that previously Meizu copied and other Apple devices - for example, many of the first mp3 players looked exactly as the fifth generation iPod or iPod nano..

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