Nokia sued Apple new cases - Cell phones

Nokia sued Apple new cases - Cell phonesAnother milestone in the development of the patent showdown between Apple and Nokia, this time additional claims on its competitor filed a Finnish company. As reported on the website of Nokia sued Apple in the courts in the UK, dГјsseldorf, Mannheim and the Hague. In the UK, the company has enlisted the help of the Supreme court. All claims suggest the violation 13 belonging to Nokia patents by Apple in iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and other products. Previously Nokia has accused Apple of violating 24 patents, thus, now the subject of the complaint are a total of 37 patents world's largest manufacturer of mobile phones. Among other patents related to user interface. The patent dispute between Apple and Nokia began in October 2009 when Nokia accused his rival of violating 10 patents with the release of the iPhone, including smartphone first generation, released in 2007, Subsequently, Apple filed a response to the claim. Later, the parties exchanged mutual claims several times. The latest lawsuit, in September 2010, was filed against Nokia in the UK. According to the preliminary conclusion of the American authorities, Nokia is not guilty of violating Apple's patents, which in part is void..

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